The Reliance Jio is due to launch sometime soon, but there’s a lot of hype surrounding it (and for right reasons too). Initially only employees were offered to try out the 4G LTE network, and then the SIM was being bundled with new Lyf devices. Recently, they opened up the free preview offer to select Samsung devices (detailed steps on how to avail it). Since then, people who don’t own those Samsung smartphones, are keen to know how to get their hands on a Reliance Jio SIM.

Update: Reliance Jio Tariff Plans Announced; Free Jio SIM for Everyone; No Code Needed


Yesterday, TelecomTalk had published a story mentioning that some Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 users are seeing “Get Jio Sim” screen on their smartphones. But then, when we tried, we didn’t see the same. Wondering why that’s the case, we tried around various methods and finally figured out that there’s an apparent bug on the MyJio app which lets you generate the coupon code required before going to a Reliance Digital store.

Please note that we are still not sure if Jio accepts this code to give the free SIM, but more often than not they only ask for the code screenshot, rather than the phone details.

Update (24th July 2016): The latest update to MyJio app has fixed the bug.

So here’s what we did to get the “Get Jio Sim” button on My Jio app.

Step 1: Uninstall My Jio and other Jio apps if you have previously installed them

Step 2: Download the My Jio app again.

Step 3: Click on Install All button to download all the 10 Jio apps. Exit the My Jio app

Step 4: Disconnect your WiFi and Mobile data.

Step 5: Open My Jio app, and click on “Open” next to My Jio. It’d be throwing “No internet connection” error on top, but don’t care about it. It opens the Login screen, and there you’d see the Get Jio Sim button.

Step 6: Click on it, and it’d throw an error about internet not being available. At this point, switch back your WiFi and tap back to go to the login screen again.


Step 7: Now click on Get Jio Sim button and boom! It will show the preview offer screen and lets you generate the activation/offer code.


Step 8: Rest of the steps are same as what we have mentioned in the Samsung Jio preview offer article.

We have successfully tried this method on Redmi Note 3, Mi Max and OnePlus 3. It failed to work on the iPhone 6s though.

Alternatively, there is another method which involves downloading all the Jio apps, restart your device, wait for 5-10 minutes, turn on the data and open My Jio.

Both these methods seem like a bug in the My Jio app rather than a feature, but definitely not illegal. Officially though, the Jio Preview Offer with 3 months unlimited data, calls and entertainment services is open for Lyf and Samsung devices only, so the store guys might insist the offer code to be generated on these devices itself. But then, there are no technical limitations, as the Jio Sim offered for Samsung is already unlocked. So if you do manage to get the SIM activated, it should work just fine on any 4G and VoLTE enabled device. But don’t be surprised if you’re turned down from the store.

Update: It works on ANY android phone, even those with no 4G (like Mi 4).

Update 2: The latest update to MyJio app (24th July) seems to have fixed the bug.

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