It was a couple of days ago that the internet was ablaze with the news that several Samsung Galaxy Note 7s had caught fire while charging. It is now that Samsung has officially released a statement that they will be recalling the devices already sold and also the one at the retailers. The company upon investigation deduced that the fire was because of a faulty battery/battery system.

samsung galaxy note 7

Samsung had received an overwhelming response to the Note 7 which was touted to have one of the best combination of hardware in the premium smartphone segment. In fact, Samsung has reportedly sold 2.5 million of the Note 7s which also translates that the recall is not going to be easy and very well be one of the largest product recall by the Korean company.

This also comes down as an embarrassment for Samsung which has been closely competing with Apple’s iPhone and had been doing well so far. However, Samsung claims that the number of devices is not so large and only 24 devices have been affected for every million sold. It is most likely that only a particular production batch was plagued with this problem but on the other hand it would be quite a task for Samsung to sort out the affected handsets from the ones immune.

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Additionally, some are attributing the minuscule fall (0.6%) in the Samsung share prices to this recall. Samsung has been leading the global smartphone market in the last quarter and the Note 7 had created quite a stir in the market. Samsung has further stated that this move is aimed at ensuring customers safety and this is something praiseworthy. Recalls are not something very uncommon when it comes to large-scale manufacturers, in fact, a majority of automobile manufacturers including GM, Chrysler, and Volkswagen have recalled their products in the past. The very gesture to address the issue before any further fatalities is definitely a good sign.  Hopefully, Samsung should be able to rise above the problem and address those affected.

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