MIUI 8 comes with two very important features – Dual Apps and Second Space. While the former makes it possible to duplicate apps (and use a different account), the latter lets you have a complete different setup, keep two profiles, but on the same phone. Second space is similar to having multiple profiles available on Android Tablets, but just limited to two.


When we covered Second Space in much detail, a lot of you asked us how different it is compared to the Parallel Space App. If you aren’t aware, Parallel Space App allows you to duplicate apps, and that’s about it. They are two different features, and in fact, Dual Apps works on similar lines with Parallel Space App, than Second Space.

Parallel Space vs Dual Apps

Apart from duplicating the apps, and let user use two different accounts, Parallel Space App includes :

  • Incognito mode: This feature lets you hide any app. So if you need to access that app, you need to first launch the Parallel Space app, and then use it. Password protection makes sure nobody gets access but you.
  • One Tap Boost: To close all running apps (via Parallel Apps), and free up memory.
  • Storage Management : This gives a clear idea on how much space Parallel Space App is consuming on your phone.
  • Task Manager:  Similar to default task manager app on Android, it gives you option to stop or close any running app.


If we compare Dual Apps with Parallel space, former looks like version 1.0 of the latter. Since Dual Apps is part of the MIUI System, the above mentioned last three features is integrated with the core Android management.

One of the biggest advantages of using Parallel Space app over Dual Apps is you get more app support. The former can duplicate some of the apps like Calendar, Camera, Clock, Google Drive, File Manager, Google Play and so on. However neither of them can duplicate system apps like Gallery.

As you can clearly see, Parallel Space App is definitely better, as of now, compared to Dual Apps, and if you need password protection, and incognito app, that’s the way to go.

When do you need Second Space?

If you want a second account which needs to stay separated from your primary account on your phone, Second Space is the way to go. Here is what it does in a nutshell:

  • Lets you have two separate profiles on the same phone. You can switch between your primary, and second account quickly.
  • Use Apps from the first profile in the second profile without reinstalling the apps using another Google Account.
  • You can import / export files and contacts from primary profile.
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