Messenger chatbots have been growing ever since Facebook unveiled the platform back in April this year and has reached a staggering number of over 30,000 bots. However, it’s still inconveniently difficult to find the one you’re specifically looking for especially if it’s a local service, as you can’t just search on Facebook with “chat bot for daily weather updates”. Until the social media giant fixes that, you can continue and read our curated list of the top five Indian chat bots you must try.


A Note for the Incognizant

First and foremost, if you’re still unaware of what bots really are – they’re technically “robots” that are designed to simulate a conversion for achieving some tasks. Chatting with a bot is nothing different than chatting with your friend, only the former is dumber and can answer to a particular set of queries. Businesses are implementing these programs because they aren’t always available to reply to a customer’s message and also due to the fact that social networks and messaging apps are gradually turning their platforms into a one-stop solution eliminating the NH need for separate applications.

For firing up a conversion with a particular organization’s chat bot, you can either head over to their page and hit the bot link if they have one or just search inside the messenger app/website and the matching results will show up under “Bots and Businesses”.

1. Fify


Fify is, according to its parent company – Fynd, a shopping botfriend that brings its entire shopping experience to Messenger. It is basically a fashion discovery and transaction bot and can display clothes’ catalogs right into the chat interface based on your requirements. You can ask questions for instance “show me the cheapest red shirt” and it will pop up a scrollable chain of cards containing images and prices you can look at. Additionally, if you like a particular type of shirt, you can hit the “show me similar” button and Fify will present with more such options. If you want to order something, however, you’ll need to head over to Fynd’s website through the direct link.

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2. LawBot


Ever wanted a quick legal advice while chatting with your wife? Ahem! Well, India’s leading judicial tech platform, Lawrato has got you covered with its Facebook chat bot. LawBot (as folks at Lawrato like to call it) is an incredibly straightforward approach to resolving legal queries from the user and helping them get a lawyer if required. When you send Hi to Lawbot, you get two options initially – “Ask a question” and “Find a lawyer”. By selecting either one of them, you can casually converse with the bot by sending messages such as “I need a layer in Ahmedabad for property” and Lawbot will come up a series of cards displaying lawyer’s information and a button for contacting. If you just want to ask about a little legal doubt, you can do that by tapping the first option, it will bring up the matching results from Lawrato website.

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3. Payjo Recharge Bot


Payjo’s bot allows recharges and top-ups for mobile, DTH, data card, and postpaid bill payments. It is accessible in a bunch of regional languages including Hindi, English, Tamil and more. The recharge bot is also incredibly smart and learns from your history and presents with appropriate options the next time you use it. Moreover, it also provides a native interface for browsing recharge plans such as talk time, data, and others. Once you’re done, you can head over to the payment gateway for completing the process.

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4. Yatra


As you might have guessed already, you can look up flights, their rates based on dates through Yatra’s facebook bot. In the chat, Yatra displays flight’s time, whether it is refundable, rates based on the number of travelers, and a direct button for booking through their web application. It’s an extremely basic implementation as of now and doesn’t support commands for searching hotels, trains and anything else Yatra provides on its website.

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5. Jugnoo


Jugnoo’s Facebook chat bot allows users to summon auto-rickshaws in their neighborhood right inside Messenger. All you need to do is share your coordinates by hitting the location button, provide mobile number and input the received OTA. Jugnoo will send a card with details about the ride and you can confirm that to book. Simple as that.

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So, that is all, those were some of the best Facebook chat bots by Indian businesses. There are a couple more I couldn’t mention here as they’re quite inconsistent such as, Meru’s cab booking chatbot or Lybrate for health tips. Let us know in the comments section down below if we missed any good ones. And of course, we will be back with cool global chatbots!

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