Google has been trying to bring the VR to the masses with its DayDream project and in the meanwhile, a group of talented developers who associate themselves with the Android Experiments has come up with a great new app called Sprayscape. The Android Experiments wing was created a year ago to showcase the great stuff developers are coming up for the Android.


The Sprayscape is basically a mishmash of two things, VR and pictures. It makes use of the phones inbuilt gyroscope sensor to park images inside a 360-degree sphere. All one needs to do is point the phone’s camera and tap on the display to spray faces, locales and much more. The stuff you have captured is then hosted on a link that can be shared via the social media with family and friends. The best part is that the Scape can be viewed in a VR headset for an immersive experience. Also, the app uses the Google Cardboard SDK to fetch the data from a gyroscope.

If you want to tango around with the Sprayscape the app is up for download on Google Playstore and for the curious natured the open source code will further reveal on how the Sprayscape works. I gave it a try and well it does take some time getting a hand of the app. In the first go, I tried capturing stuff by keeping my fingers on the screen continuously and the resulting scape was extremely blurry. The trick here is to take pictures in short bursts whilst panning the viewfinder around. It would be apt to call the scapes 360-degree photo collage. That said, the Sprayscape slows down my Android and it closes all the background apps, wonder if this is something that has been deliberately designed to gather computing resources for the app.

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