Switch Bot Remote Robot will Make Your Dumb Devices Smart

by: - Last updated on: November 22nd, 2016

Connected smart devices are mushrooming in numbers and despite this, most of us still have old electric appliances that we use on a day to day basis. For instance, take the Coffee machine, wouldn’t it be an overkill to replace your perfectly working coffee machine with a smart one? Well, a Kickstarter project aims at solving this problem by readying a universal remote switch for all your devices, be it the TV, Microwave, AC or simply any other device that comes with a power on button.


Switch Bot is a mechanical switch controller that can be triggered from your smartphone, so what it essentially does is replicates the human action of flicking on a switch with its mechanical arms and this lets users control the devices remotely. From Luxury to convenience Switch Bot is the perfect solution if you want to automate your dumb devices. Just imagine, how you could switch on the coffee machine, the water heater, and the raise the curtains all without leaving the comfort of your bed.


The Switch Bot can be attached to any appliances or switches by using the included 3M mounting tape without damaging the surface. If you decide to stick the remote bot on some other appliances you can do so by taking off the 3M sticker. Once the remote is placed one needs to configure the Switch Bot by using Bluetooth and WiFi. The companion app lets you set the preferences and also label each switch with respect to the device being controlled. Switch Bot also works with IFTT and since the API’s are Opensource we might see quite a lot of innovative recipes like “If I walk into the hallway, then turn on the lights.”

Here is how it works, the Switch Link is the access point or the hub that connects all the Switch Bots to the Internet via WiFi. The Bluetooth Mesh technology allows the bots to connect with each other thus allowing the users to control bots that are out of the range. While the Switch Bot can be termed as a convenience to us it will also become an absolute necessary for elderly people and children who can control the appliances with ease. The Kickstarter pledge starts from $39 for just the switch (two in numbers) and if you want it with the Switch Link it will start from $79 and if implemented efficiently the Switch Bot will shape up as a much-needed alternative to the remote switches. The companion app is available for iOS, Android and also the Apple Watch. The Switch Bot is expected to be shipped by March 2017.


Source: KickStarter

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