After over a year of its original announcement, Amazon is today launching its startup program, Launchpad, in India. The platform fundamentally aims to assist new companies in reducing the effort for promoting, marketing, and selling their products globally. The portal is live right now showcasing over 400 startups, 25 of which are based in India.


Amazon Launchpad, which was first launched back in mid-2015, is a medium and catalyst for providing startups with a global e-commerce platform to foster their brand’s reach. Launchpad has already served over 1,200 companies worldwide and accommodated over 4,000 products to sell. Several startups, subsequently, have even used this as a primary channel for delivering their goods and have indeed, harvested success such as Sphero and Eero.

Currently, some notable Indian names on Launchpad include Witworks that recently unveiled its affordable smartwatch lineup, Smartron who develops notebooks as well as smartphones, GOQii who is known for its fitness products, and much more. You can take a look at the rest of the offerings by heading over to Amazon.

Furthermore, Amazon has also partnered with Nasscom, Government of Maharashtra, Indian Angels network and various other venture capitalists for helping startups resolve the financial and policy hurdles associated with it. The e-commerce giant expects to see more startups to come aboard and market their products through Launchpad.

Amazon Launchpad is definitely one of the most transparent and accessible platforms for startups to deliver their goods. And given the recent boost that the Indian startup sector has sustained, the availability of Launchpad in the country couldn’t be more appropriate. If you’re someone looking to register for Amazon Launchpad, you can head over to this link and fill up the signup form.

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