After announcing a section dedicated to selling refurbished phones, Amazon has now sprung open the gates for individual sellers to list their phones on the site. The ‘Sell as an Individual’ option allows you to sell used products. Amazon has leveraged one of the biggest advantages it has over other sites like Olx and Quikr, the logistics. The seller can not only list the products on but can rest assured that the product will be shipped to the buyer and this will include packaging, pick-up, and delivery. Amazon had earlier piloted the same on its sister website Junglee, and has now brought it onto its main website.


If you intend to Sell as an Individual, head over to this section and fill up the form by choosing the category of the product, adding relevant description and photo and also the pickup details. As of now, the city dropdown lists only Bengaluru and it won’t is surprising if Amazon India introduces the same in other cities as well.

After listing the product on Amazon India the buyers can have a look at it and if desired can but it as they would do with a new handset. Once the purchase is made Amazon will reach out to you and schedule a pickup. Suppose the customer intends to return the product, Amazon will ship it back to you at no extra costs. On the other hand, once the sale is complete, Amazon will transfer the amount to your account and will deduct a fee for its service. Thankfully one doesn’t need to wait for too long as Amazon promises that you will get your money in 3-5 days.

What’s more interesting is the fee, will deduct Rs 10 for item value below Rs1000, Rs 50 for items sold between Rs 1000- Rs 5000 and Rs 100 for items valued above Rs 5000. The fee is very nominal considering the efforts one puts to sell his wares on listing sites like OLX and Quikr.


As an incentive, will also be offering Rs 1,000 as Amazon Pay Balance if you manage to sell either five books, video games, movies, music or one mobile phone/tablet/laptop. With this service, plans to tackle the shortcomings of listing sites, for instance selling on Olx is quite depressing especially since you have to entertain a slew of phone calls and also need to take care of the logistics. That said, Quikr had announced a similar service earlier but the convenience fees were very high.

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