What do you do when you want to manage multiple accounts of a website in a single browser window? Chances are you use another browser or the incognito mode as generally, you can only operate one session at a time. Now, thankfully, there’s a new Chrome extension which makes things drastically easier to handle.

Meet SessionBox

how to use multiple accounts in a single browser window - sessionbox demo1

SessionBox is a free extension available for Google Chrome which seamlessly and simultaneously lets you initialize more than one sessions of any website in a single window. Hence, for instance, you can use two Facebook accounts in just separate tabs. The process too is surprisingly straightforward and is obviously, better than juggling between different windows.

Creating Multiple Sessions

Once you’ve downloaded SessionBox from the Chrome web store, click the little cube icon and log in. You can also sign in as a guest if you’re not planning to sync the data with other Chrome devices. Next, you’ll get a list of all your saved sessions which will be of course empty, initially.

  • For storing a session, head over to any website, tap the SessionBox icon, and hit the plus button beside the site’s URL.
  • A new window will pop up where you can feed in the session’s name, hovering over the big cube icon will allow you to customise the color as well as the icon (custom icons is a premium feature), and by clicking “more options”, you can also assign it a group. Don’t worry, you can do this later too through the session list.

how to use multiple accounts in a single browser window - sessionbox demo2

  • You can then, fire up the sessions list and reopen this tab anytime later. Or you can load them up all together by organizing them in groups.
  • Furthermore, if you don’t really want to save a new session, there’s also an option for creating a temporary session. Right click on a website, Sessionbox, and lastly, click “open in a temporary session”.

There are a couple of keyboard shortcuts too such as “ctrl+up+x” for generating a new session, “ctrl+up+a” for a temporary session, and “ctrl+up+s” to open the SessionBox menu.

As far as security is concerned, the company mentions the extension achieves the purpose by harvesting its own data variables, not the shared browser storage. Additionally, you can also opt in for a premium account at $1 / month for employing some paid features including custom icons, session proxy, the ability to bookmark sessions, and more.

SessionBox is definitely one of the must-have extensions available out there for Google Chrome, so go ahead and give it a shot if you’re looking for something like this.

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