Xiaomi never seems to stop when it comes to launching new smart products under their Mijia brand. And its latest product to hit the Mijia crowdfunding platform is a modified version of the musical instrument, Ukulele. Xiaomi is calling it as a Mi Populele.

xiaomi mi populele

For starters, Ukulele is a guitar-like musical instrument that bears a Hawaiian origin. It, however, is smaller than a regular guitar and has lesser number of strings. The Mi Populele is made out of premium quality Indonesian rosewood and Italian Aquila nylon strings. It weighs up at 500 grams and a total of 72 LED light built into the fingerboard.

Playing Ukulele, just like most other musical instruments comes with a steep learning curve. And here’s where the Mi Populele comes in. The latest smart product from Xiaomi comes with a companion app that helps teach you to play the Populele. The app can be installed on any smartphone running on Android 4.3 and above or iOS 8.0.

The Mi Populele app starts by teaching you the basics of a playing the musical instrument. Pushing a key on the app would light up corresponding LED lights on the Populele. All you need to do is to follow these in-laid LED lights on the fingerboard. After you have finished learning the basics of playing the Populele, you can go ahead and learn over 100 songs which come built into the app. Xiaomi claims that it only takes just 5 minutes to start learning to play the Mi Populele.

xiaomi mi populele

The Mi Populele comes with an 800mAh battery on the inside and can be charged via a micro USB port. As for the connectivity, the modified Ukulele comes with Bluetooth 4.0 LE. This helps it to pair with your smartphone. Besides, Xiaomi is also including a carrying sling bag for their Mi Populele.

The smart musical instrument is now available for crowdfunding via Xiaomi’s Mijia platform at 399 Yuan (Rs 3,889/$58). The Mi Populele has in fact already reached 397% of its crowdfunding goal at the time of writing this article. It is expected to ship by March 28.

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