Google is today augmenting the already rich customization support for Android with a new dedicated website called “My Android” that suggests the complete homescreen setup based on your preferences. You can get recommendations for everything from widgets to third-party launchers to icon packs.

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The web app itself is pretty straightforward – you begin by loading up this site, and subsequently, it will ask a bunch of questions for evaluating a range of setups according to your needs. These queries include choosing from a couple of options such as whether you like monochromatic or multicolor, vibrant or muted environments, dark or light, warm or cool, geometric or organic, patterned or random, you get the idea. Google has even thrown in some random questions including what shape you prefer for a sandwich, modern or vintage, 2016 or 2017, circles or squares, and more.

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For suggesting launchers, there are a few levels that determine what kind of approach you’d like. This includes choosing from cards that say “I message a lot”, “I game a lot”, “I want a cool look”, “I want something different”, and others. Surprisingly, there’s even a question where you have to specify if you’re a beginner or a pro-Android user. Neat.

Once everything’s done, the website suggests three homescreen setups for you to browse. Scrolling down will reveal links for the wallpaper, icon pack, launcher, widgets, and the keyboard too. You can also share this look with others or take the test again altogether.

Google has surely done an excellent job with the algorithms involved here as I found all the results to be quite appropriate. In fact, the first one matched my current setup featuring Evie launcher. It’s definitely worth a shot, so go ahead and give it a whirl. And share your homescreen in the comments section below.

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