Google has added yet another long-overdue feature to its navigation platform – the ability to share trip progress and your location in real-time with others. The delay in this nifty addition’s arrival is quite bewildering since Google has other apps that support it. Anyways, it’s here and in this quick guide, we will tell you how to get started with it.

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  • First off, make sure you’ve the most recent version of Google Maps. Head over to the play store or iOS’s app store and download updates if any pending.
  • Next, open up the Google Maps and swipe right from the extreme left side to reveal a menu.
  • Tap “Share Location” to begin.
  • Now, set the time for how long you’d like to share the location. Or you can just select the second option for manually turning it off later.
  • Tap the person with whom you want to share and if his/her avatar is not visible on the landing screen, you can also search. Furthermore, if you want a direct link, hit the “messages” or “more” option.
  • You can add multiple recipients by clicking the little blue icon the top left corner.
  • And you’re done. The person on the receiving end will get a notification, tapping which will fire up the Google Maps app with an option to share his/her location, estimated arrival time, and an indicator on the map with your profile picture. Neat.

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  • Google has also added an option to do this while you’re en route. Tap the little arrow icon on the bottom bar and click “share trip progress”. Select the person and that’s it!

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive way to share location with family and friends, check out Google’s other app, Trusted Contacts.

You can refer to the embedded GIFs or video if you’re having any difficulties locating the option or leave a comment down below and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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