Huawei, Honor’s parent brand, launched the Honor 6X in India and other countries recently, which not only brings dual-camera to a budget phone but also a lot of features which can improve your productivity. After all, smartphones are an important part of our lives, and it only makes sense for any OEM to put in these useful features. Read on for some of the best tips and tricks to get the best out of the Honor 6X.

Restrict Apps using Mobile Network & Roaming Data

While Mobile data is getting cheaper, if you are very keen on saving it, EMUI offers an option to control which app uses your Mobile data. Go to Settings > Data Traffic Management > Networked Apps. Here you can restrict apps from using the internet when on Mobile Data. Once done, when you open the restricted app on Mobile, it warns you about the restriction and gives you an option to remove from the list.

The rules are strict, and even if you try to refresh the app, it doesn’t work. Take it one step further, you can also restrict the app from using the Internet when on roaming. Under the same section, you have the option of Advanced Network Management where you can disable roaming usage.

While this may not be important from the data perspective, but restricting apps on roaming do save a great amount of battery life.

Easy Reading at night

Usage of mobile is such that we use it anytime, anywhere. While using it where ambiance light is in abundance, using it at night with lights off does put some strain on your eyes. This is where Easy Comfort or BlueLight Settings come into play.

Go to Settings > Display > Eye Comfort, and you can choose warmer light. It will reduce the strain on eyes under such conditions by a large margin. It is also possible to schedule it for a particular time.

Notification Control

Many of us have loads of apps installed on your phone. This also results in tons of notifications every day. Not only this can be annoying, it also breaches the privacy many a time. EMUI offers a way to control it by choosing the right options under Settings > Notification Panel > Notification Center.

Here you can choose how notifications show up, lock screen option, and lastly, you can choose to completely disable them to reduce the clutter.

Fingerprint Gesture

The option to use Fingerprint for many things is one of my favorite features in EMUI. Instead of plain unlock option, fingerprint gestures lets you do the following:

  • Take Photo
  • Answer Call
  • Stop Alarm
  • Notification Panel
  • Browse Photos

Re-order Navigation Bar Buttons

The biggest advantage of on-screen buttons is that you can customize depending on your liking. Under navigation, you can choose to re-order the buttons, add extra buttons like lock screen, and so on.

Configure SOS

The Indian government has made it mandatory to have an SOS feature in all the smartphones. This makes it possible to send out a distress signal by using a combination of the power button, and volume knockers or just the power button. This feature must be configured. It is possible to pre-configure contacts to which the SOS is sent out.

Manage Power Intensive Warnings

If an app uses battery more than expected, EMUI warns you about it. While it is a good thing to have, but apps like Facebook, WhatsApp need to run in the background, and stay as running task. To make sure you don’t get the notification about them, go to Settings > Apps > Select App > Battery and configure them.

Phone Manager Tips

Like most of the Android phones, EMUI offers Phone Manager app which centralizes the most common tasks and offers the option to optimize your phone. The app lets you do following things:

  • System Optimization.
  • Battery Management.
  • Protect Apps i.e. Keep apps running in the background even when the screen is locked.’
  • Drop zone Management: It is nothing but the management of stuff that floats around your screen. For example, Facebook messenger’s popup bubble comes under this management & unless you allow messenger in this setting, the bubble won’t come. Same for Tango, Flynn Browser. So basically, this is dropzone management.

Lock your Apps with Fingerprint

This feature is natively integrated into the phone and is available in Phone Manager. Once enabled you can lock your apps either through PIN, Patter or Fingerprint.

Follow the steps below to enable it:

  1. Go to Settings > Fingerprint ID > Fingerprint Management.
  2. Once configured enable Access App Lock option. You can also enable the option to unlock screen, and access safe from here.
  3. Make sure you have at least on fingerprint configured.
  4. Next, go to Phone Manager > App Lock and select apps which should open only through fingerprint or pin.
  5. Next time you launch those apps, you can use the fingerprint.

Battery Manager & Power Saving Modes

This feature makes sure that you save battery when it needed the most.  You can enable either Power Saving Mode or Ultra Power Saving mode to make sure it lasts as long as a day, but then you will be cut off completely from the internet. I would suggest using when you are really low on power and flying.

This section also helps you figure our apps which consume a lot of power, add an exception for those apps which need to run in the background and optimize by scanning the current usage. Overall, it’s a well-done section to analyze and understand where the battery is getting used up.

This list mostly sums up all the tips. If you have something that’s not on the list, do let us know in the comments section below.

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