With the onset of smarter desktop apps, our internet usage has concurrently elevated at a substantial rate. However, not always, you want these apps to be draining your data and leaving you stranded in the middle of the month. That’s why we recommend installing a tool called “Tripmode”.

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Tripmode calls itself the “mobile data saviour” and honestly, that is quite true in my personal case. But first let me tell you what it does – Tripmode blocks every service or app from using the internet connection your PC or Mac is linked to. You can then individually select which apps can access the data and the rest will remain banished until you turn it off. Tripmode also cuts off your computer’s core components which is one of the major attraction for me due to Windows 10’s aggressive policies. Furthermore, the app also displays an app-based brief statistic of your data usage in the month or day or a particular session.

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Tripmode comes with a minimalistic design and lives in the status tray from where you can activate or deactivate it in a couple of clicks. It also doesn’t consume much RAM. In my case, it was merely 30MB on my Windows PC. The app even saves your settings based on the respective connection, hence if you’ve enabled it for a mobile data hotspot in the past, Tripmode will be automatically get turned on whenever you connect again to that particular hotspot. This also means that you don’t have to worry about enabling all apps when on your home WiFi, for example.

Unfortunately, however, Tripmode isn’t free. There’s a 7-day trial available but once that expires, you’ll have to shed a hefty sum of $7.99 which is a little too much in my opinion. As far as I’m aware, though, there aren’t any capable alternatives available in the market, so you don’t really have another choice. If you depend on a lot of services and have a limited data package, this just might be worth it. Tripmode also offers business packages, you’ll have to contact them directly for that.

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Note: We have a couple of free licenses to give away. Leave a comment below if you want one.

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