2017 has been a tremendous year for applications so far as developers continue to reinvigorate the space with artificially intelligent algorithms. However, now another app has popped up in the store and this one is capable of turning your selfies or any other portrait actually, into animated emojis.

memoji app uses ai to turn your selfies into animated emojis - memoji iphone

The app is called “Memoji” and it has been developed by the same team (Lightricks) who’s responsible for the famous photo-editing tool, Facetune. Memoji’s purpose is quite straightforward, it morphs any picture you upload into animated emojis. Currently, the app comes with 11 emoji options, including heart eyes, sunglasses, horned devil, snorting, blowing kisses, unicorn, and more.

memoji app uses ai to turn your selfies into animated emojis - memoji1

Memoji also isn’t particularly limited to selfies, you can point it to any face and its intelligent image-processing technology will do the job for you. The app naturally reshapes and animates images, hence, you don’t necessarily need to get the perfect shot. Once done, it lets you share the results in various formats such as GIF, video, and of course, an image too. Memoji is entirely free of cost, however, it’s limited to iOS devices right now. Lightricks, though, does mention that a potential Android release is in the pipeline.

Emojis have become a part of everyday conversation and guide the way we chat and share our emotions, but the overall reach and impact of this important technology is limited,” said Nir Pochter, chief marketing officer of Lightricks, in a statement. “As emoji connoisseurs, we knew that the next level of societal emojification was letting it guide the photo editing process from the very start. People want more than to just send emojis, they want to be emojis. While the world is busy applying AI to silly ventures like autonomous vehicles and data analysis, we’re taking it to where the need is greatest – making us more sophisticated emotional beings — emojis.

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