Despite being the most used browser on the planet, Google Chrome still doesn’t feature a range of bare essentials for a coherent browsing experience. Hence, in this edition of Chromeville, we talk about five extensions that will substantially supplement your experience with it.

HTTPS Everywhere

Internet frauds have been on the loose for the past couple of years, and companies, including Google, are aggressively adopting the HTTPS standard. However, not every website has implemented it (ahem!), which puts your integrity at stake. Hence, we begin this list by recommending you install the HTTPS Everywhere extension, which will automatically switch thousands of sites from insecure “HTTP” to secure “HTTPS” and shield you from a range of breaches such as surveillance, account hijacking, and others. HTTPS Everywhere is available for free on the Chrome Web Store.


5 quick chrome extensions for enhancing your browsing experience - autopagerize 1

Another neat extension you should be using is – AutoPagerize. As the name suggests, AutoPagerize loads paginated web pages in a single endless list of links. You can use it on blogs and, more importantly, on search engines like Google, which can come in handy while researching or for any other purposes. AutoPagerize is also free, you can download it from this link.

Hover Zoom

5 quick chrome extensions for enhancing your browsing experience - hover zoom 1

Ever wanted to enlarge thumbnails without being redirected to a new page? Well, then, you should install “Hover Zoom.” This little extension does exactly what it says – it lets you magnify images (or videos on some websites) whenever you hover your cursor over them. The app works on most leading websites, including Amazon, Facebook, Reddit, and more. The extension is completely free of cost, you can install it from this link.

Google Dictionary

5 quick chrome extensions for enhancing your browsing experience - google dictionary chrome 1

Next up is an extension by Google called “Google Dictionary.” The cornerstone of this one is that you can look up the meaning of a particular word by just selecting it. The app also preserves a history of these searches and allows you to configure a custom trigger key for invoking it. Google Dictionary is free; here’s the Chrome Web Store listing.


5 quick chrome extensions for enhancing your browsing experience - hola chrome 1

Lastly, we have Hola on our list. It’s a VPN app that lets you browse any blocked website or content with a click of a button. You can select from a ton of countries, and it comes with a straightforward interface, unlike other alternatives. And the best part is that it’s completely free of cost; you can download it from here. Please note that there have been claims of Hola selling users’ bandwidth to botnets. So proceed with caution.

That’s about it for this quick list, you can browse our other Chromeville articles from right here.

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