Microsoft pulled the wraps off a new Surface Pro at the Shanghai event. Along with the new Surface Pro, Microsoft has also announced a new Surface Pen that comes with new features like tilt detection. The Surface Pro is an iterative upgrade for the Surface Pro 4 and the build, including the hinge and the connectors, bear a striking resemblance to its predecessor. However, the edges are rounded off and the Core i5 models have apparently shed some weight.

That being said, apparently, Microsoft has worked on the hinge and the Surface Pro can now handle the extreme tilt angles in a much better manner. Needless to say, the Surface Pro comes with updated innards including the Intel 7th Gen Kaby Lake processors and the enhanced battery life of 13.5 hours. The battery life seems to be one of the positive effects of employing the Kabylake processors which are touted to score better when it comes to frugality. Microsoft had paused the Surface Pro launch and thus the Surface Pro was launched nearly two years after the Pro 4 launch.

The Surface Pro retains the essentials of being a hybrid ultrabook and the bezels appear to be thinner than its predecessor. The updated Surface Pen costing $99 will support 4096 pressure levels for better usability and it will also come baked in with a tilt detection functionality. These features are expected to come in handy for artists and graphics designers who would prefer better control over their creations by enabling shading and a more natural inking experience. Microsoft has announced that the Surface Pen will be available in four colours including Black, Cobalt Blue, Platinum and the Burgundy.

Yet another talking point is the improvised kickstand that will let you use the Surface Pro in a full flat mode (allowing for flatter angles) and this along with the new Surface Pen is expected to help people with the touch input. As expected Microsoft is offering premium type covers for the Surface Pro along with the Alcantara finish that Microsoft is putting up on all of its new Surface products. The Surface Pro Type covers will retail starting at $129 and the Alcantara would cost a marginal premium at $159.

The best part is yet to come, for the first time ever Microsoft is offering an optional LTE version that will support both micro SIM and eSIM and will be available later this year. The Surface Pro starts at $799, the Surface Pen and the Type Cover needs to be purchased separately. It will start shipping on June 15th in 26 countries.


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