As expected, Apple, at its annual developer conference (WWDC) held in San Jose, announced minor performance upgrades to its MacBook lineup with the latest processors and quicker SSDs. However, unfortunately, the rest has been kept similar with no changes whatsoever.

apple launches macbook pro upgrades at wwdc 2017 - apple mbp wwdc 2017

The 12-inch MacBook, MacBook Pro with and without TouchBar, all are being bumped up with Intel’s latest seventh generation Kaby Lake processors. Moreover, these new ultrabooks will also come with fifty percent faster memories. The 15-inch MacBook Pro, additionally, is being upgraded with better graphic cards. All of these will be available starting today itself. The 12-inch MacBook will start from $1299, MacBook Pro 13-inch without the touch-bar at $1299 as well, MacBook Pro 13-inch with touch-bar from $1799 and lastly, MacBook Pro 15-inch starts from $2399. Sadly, though, they didn’t elevate the maximum RAM capacity.

To recap, Apple announced the new MacBook Pros back in October last year. These new computers feature a touch sensitive bar on the top which is contextually aware and replaces the physical function row. The trackpad received a significant upgrade as well and its size was dramatically increased on the new MacBook Pros. They all come solely with USB Type-C ports, hence, be prepared for a heavy investment on dongles.

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