One of the most significant impacts artificial intelligence has had is on camera apps available on phones. More precisely, photo editors which are largely oriented around selfies. In the past year, developers have launched a range of such types of personalization tools in the store. Therefore, in this article, we discuss six worth trying out.


six fun ai-powered selfie editing apps worth trying out - prisma android

We begin with the most popular one among this list – Prisma. The AI-powered photo editing tool soared last year after people including a couple of celebrities swamped social media sites with its creations. Prisma, if you aren’t aware for some reason, lets you turn your pictures into pieces of art inspired by the work of some noteworthy names such as Picasa. The app employs a slew of neural networks to produce accurate outcomes on both iOS and Android. Prisma is available for free, and you can download it from the links down below.

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six fun ai-powered selfie editing apps worth trying out - memoji1

“Memoji” has been developed by the same team (Lightricks) who’s responsible for the popular photo-editing tool, Facetune. Its purpose is quite straightforward; the app morphs any picture you upload into animated emojis. Currently, Memoji comes with eleven emoji options, including heart eyes, sunglasses, horned devil, snorting, blowing kisses, unicorn, and more. Memoji also isn’t particularly limited to selfies, you can point it to any face, and its intelligent image-processing technology will do the job for you. The app naturally reshapes and animates images; hence, you don’t necessarily need to get the perfect shot. Unfortunately, this one is limited to iOS devices and costs $2; you can grab it from the link down below.

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six fun ai-powered selfie editing apps worth trying out - faceapp main

FaceApp is an Android and iOS app that utilizes neural networks for transforming your face’s appearance and allows altering expressions such as adding smiles, making it look old or like a child. You can even change the gender if, for some purpose, you fancy that. In terms of accuracy, though, FaceApp just like any other app in its early stages needs some improvements. The app is certainly worth a shot, and you can download it from the links down below.

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Microsoft Face Swap

The Redmond software giant, Microsoft recently joined this list as well with the launch of a new and a bit more sophisticated “Face Swap” app. It is a part of their Microsoft Garage program that churns out experimental new smartphone services every few months. Microsoft Face Swap works similarly to other platforms. However, there is one crucial difference – it comes with a built-in search engine that lets you look for images and scenes online. Once you’ve scanned your own face, it allows you to alter that with any other picture online or from the local gallery. Microsoft Face Swap is currently limited to Android. However, an iOS version is on the cards as well.

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Microsoft Sprinkles

six fun ai-powered selfie editing apps worth trying out - sparkles 2

Microsoft Sprinkles is yet another project by Microsoft Garage and this one is iOS only. The camera app leverages a bunch of machine learning algorithms to detect the subject’s age and profile and lets you add stickers, filters, emojis accordingly. Furthermore, it uses object recognition to perceive what does the picture contains, or can evaluate your expressions and suggests relevant captions. (For example, a scowling face photo prompted the caption “turn that frown upside down.”) Microsoft Sprinkles is available for free on the iOS app store.

App Store Link


six fun ai-powered selfie editing apps worth trying out - msqrd 1

You probably know about this one already. The Facebook-owned app, MSQRD is capable of skilfully turning you into a chimp by applying real-time filters. It comes with a range of different masks including a one for swapping faces with someone else. MSQRD also added Facebook Live support recently allowing you to broadcast straight from the app itself. MSQRD is available for free on both iOS and Android.

Update: MSQRD was shut down by Facebook in March 2020.

So those were some of the best selfie-oriented applications which are powered by AI. Let us know in the comments section if we missed any good ones.

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