The development of instant messaging apps has completely changed the way we communicate over the Internet. You no longer think twice about texting someone because the charges are too high, but you simply send messages to your friends via messaging apps just to let them know how much you miss them or how bad your day has gone so far. Our habits have evolved considerably, which is also reflected in the latest trend of stickers.

best sticker apps for android
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Whether it’s WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, or Instagram, stickers have made their way onto almost all messaging platforms. The reason for their popularity is simple: stickers are an easy way to share your opinion, which can include personalized images, memes, animations, or anything you can imagine.

But how do you ensure you have enough unique stickers to use in your conversations? Do not worry; here is a list of the best sticker apps for Android that you can use to have an amazing collection of stickers.

What are Stickers in Messaging Apps?

Stickers are very similar to emojis that you can use in your chats to reply. But unlike emojis, which have a fixed design, users can fully customize stickers using photos from their local gallery.

Moreover, users can also create animated stickers using GIFs and videos. Since stickers (whether WhatsApp stickers or Telegram stickers) are a form of emoji, they do not require storage space in the phone’s local gallery nor require a large amount of data bandwidth when shared.

The small size and ease of use of these stickers have made them very popular with instant messaging services.

What to Look for in a Sticker App for Android?

An ideal sticker app should offer the ability to create both regular and animated stickers. It should also provide the ability to crop and align the images to create the perfect custom sticker for the user.

Apart from the ability to create stickers, a sticker app must also have pre-made sticker packs that are either created by the app developer or shared by the app users in a community format.

If a sticker app has these features mentioned above, it has the potential to provide users with the best possible stickers for their messages.

Best Sticker Apps for Android

If you’re anything like most Android users, you love customizing your phone’s interface to match your own personal style. But what about the stickers? Don’t they deserve their own special place on your phone, just like the custom themes and wallpapers? And if you’re looking for the best sticker apps for Android, look no further – we’ve got you covered!

On this list, you’ll find the best Android sticker apps, all of which let you create personalized sticker collections that you can use to add a bit of personality to your phones or social media pages. – Best Sticker app for Android

Stickerly is one of the most popular sticker apps on the Google Play Store, as it offers a huge library of stickers. It offers the ability to create stickers with images from the phone’s local storage and also to create animated stickers with GIFs and videos with a maximum duration of up to 7 seconds. also has a large sticker community, where users can share the stickers they create with other users for free. In this way, users can access thousands of custom sticker packs, ranging from funny stickers to artistic ones.

stickerly app sticker maker android

The app also has editing features that let you remove the photo background, add text overlays, change the text color, and more. The only downside to this app is that stickers from the app can only be used on WhatsApp and Telegram. But do not worry; we have listed other sticker apps for Android that you can use with Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and other popular messaging apps.

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Gboard – Best Keyboard Sticker app for Android

Since apps like Instagram and Facebook Messenger do not have native support for stickers, the ways to use stickers on Instagram and Facebook are slightly different. The Gboard app for Android has a built-in sticker option that allows you to send stickers to apps that do not support stickers. In some cases, the selected sticker is sent as a cropped image file at times, but it serves the purpose of sharing your emotions via a sticker pretty well.

gboard sticker maker app android

In your Gboard app, tap the sticker menu. Here, you can choose between several sticker packs. To send the sticker, just tap on it, and it will be sent in the chat. You can choose from a variety of sticker packs that are available on Gboard. Note that you can also use these stickers on Telegram and WhatsApp.

Bobble – Fastest Sticker app on Android

Bobble is a unique and creative solution to send stickers in any messaging app. Bobble is a keyboard app that instantly converts the text you type into a sticker. The stickers generated by the Bobble app can be sent via WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Snapchat, and other messaging apps. The best thing about this app is the speed at which it converts your typed text into a sticker. It happens instantly with a tap of your finger, without any delay.

bobble sticker maker app android

The Bobble app stickers include a small Bobble watermark on each sticker. But this keyboard app is a great sticker app for Android users and annoys your iOS-based friends since the Bobble app is exclusive to Android. The app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

Bitmoji – Best Emoji Sticker App

Bitmoji is another creative way to create cool stickers in your chats. For this, you need the Gboard app as a companion. Once you download the Bitmoji app from the Google Play Store, you need to create your Bitmoji in it. Now, open your favorite messaging app and navigate to the “Stickers” menu in Gboard, where you will see the “Bitmoji” option. This will allow you to send all your Bitmojis as sticker creations in any app!

bitmoji sticker maker app android

With this method, you can share all your Bitmojis as real stickers. This gives you access to unlimited sticker packs, as the Bitmoji app itself generates thousands of Bitmojis from your avatar. The Bitmoji app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

Sticker Maker – Best WhatsApp Sticker App on Android

Sticker Maker is our handpicked choice for generated stickers for WhatsApp only. Among the other apps in the Google Play Store for creating WhatsApp stickers, Sticker Maker by Stickify has a clean and user-friendly interface compared to other apps. With this app, you can create both static and animated stickers with local photos and GIFs.

sticker maker by stickify for android
IMAGE : Sticker Maker App

Sticker Maker also has additional features like removing the image background of the design, freehand cropping, adding personal emojis to the sticker, and other fun elements like pre-animated effects. Sticker Maker also has its own community in the app where you can share your stickers and access sticker packs created by other users. Sticker Maker is free to download from the Google Play Store.

Which is the Best Sticker App for Android?

The best sticker app for Android depends on which messaging platform you use. If you are looking for a WhatsApp sticker app, then Sticker Maker is the best app, as it offers many customization options. For Telegram users, is the best sticker maker app, considering its community’s variety of sticker types. The best sticker app for Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook Messenger is Gboard, which lets you access both Gboard’s own sticker library and Bitmoji in the same menu.

FAQs about Android Sticker Apps

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Yes, it is possible to create stickers from your designs. All you need to do is export your design as an image file and save it to your Android phone's local storage. You can use this image to create stickers using or the Sticker Maker app. is the best way to get access to new sticker packs, as it has a huge library of stickers in its community. Another great source of WhatsApp stickers is to watch your WhatsApp group chats, as sharing is a loving thing to do and your friends are one of the best ways to expand your sticker collection.

There are several good sticker apps for Android. You can use the one depending upon the messaging platform. Sticker Maker is the best option for WhatsApp stickers, is a great option for Telegram stickers and Gboard is recommended if you use stickers across messaging apps including Facebook and Instagram.

If you are looking for a WhatsApp sticker app, then Sticker Maker is the best app as it offers many customization options like removing the image background of the design, freehand cropping, and adding personal emojis to the sticker, and other fun elements like pre-animated effects.

You can put stickers on your Android device by tapping on Emoji Icon > Select Sticker Menu from the bottom (Rightmost option). This will open all the stickers saved on your phone, after which you can simply tap on any sticker you wish to send in the chat.

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