WhatsApp has added yet another useful feature that lets you send any type of file to your contacts. As of now, one could send media files, .vcf contacts, PDF files and also location details. However, with this update, you can send any kind of file including Android installer files (APK), MP3 and even file extensions that are unique to a third party software.

whatsapp pin chats feature

Prior to the update one had to use a third party software called SendAnyFile to send any type of file to a WhatsApp contact. WhatsApp has already tested the ability of its beta channel and has only now added it to the latest stable update. As with any other new features, this update is also being rolled out in a staged manner.

However, despite supporting all file types, the file size is still limited to the 100MB on the app and for web client users its 64MB. One will also be able to select photos and videos directly from the camera screen which populates a gallery of images. Download the latest WhatsApp to access the new file sharing feature. With this feature, you no more need to use Dropbox or Google Drive to upload the apk file before sharing it across to WhatsApp contacts.

WhatsApp has always been surefooted when it adds new features, despite being the last one to add a particular feature the implementation is spot on. Only recently WhatsApp started supporting photo filters and albums on iOS, Instagram stories inspired statuses and off course the video call feature. As per the latest statistics, WhatsApp has clocked 1.2 billion users and is used to send more than 50 million messages every day.

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