Google has not started rolling out the official version of Android O, but you can get the latest beta version of it easily. And when we say easily, we mean easily. There is no need to root your device or carry out any elaborate “connect to PC and hold down these three keys when the phone reboots for the third time” procedures to be followed. No, you can simply get Android O as an OTA update on your device without doing anything remotely tech or geeky.

want android o on your pixel or nexus device right now? here's how to get it - pixel android o

All you need is a compatible device – the Nexus 5X, the Nexus 6P, the Nexus Player, the Pixel, the Pixel XL or the Pixel C tablet, at the time of writing.

On your device, go to the Android Beta Program page. This will ask you to log into your Google account. Do so using the account you use on your device.

This will take you to the Android Beta Program home page, with details on how the program works. Scroll down and you will see a picture of your device under the “Your eligible devices” section, with an “Enrol Device” option below it (the screenshot shows “Unenroll device” because we had already enrolled our device…duh!). Click on the ‘Enrol Device’ option. Accept the terms and conditions that follow.

Within a short time – in our case, within two minutes – your device will get an OTA update to Android Oreo.

want android o on your pixel or nexus device right now? here's how to get it - pixel android oreo

Yes, this is a beta (although close to final) version of Android Oreo, so should you find it unstable you can simply go back to the same page and choose the “Unenroll Device” option. This will remove the Android O beta from your device and install the latest stable official version of Android on it. This too will be sent in the form of an OTA. But beware! Unenrolling will wipe all your data.

Yep, that simple. No rooting, no messing with wires. Just a note of caution: back up your data before going ahead with the update. We lost no information but you never know…

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