Apple has ditched the Touch ID in favor of Face ID in the latest iPhone X, but despite the large bezel-less display the notch at the upper part of the device may end up looking weird to some. This notch is of prime importance since it houses the hardware needed for Face ID but if you are someone who doesn’t like out of place design elements the notch is capable of pushing you to wits ends.

want to hide that irksome notch on iphone x? download this wallpaper app - iphone x notcho

Fret not; a free iOS app promises to fix all of this without the need for a cover or a case. The app called “Notcho”(with obvious reference to the notch) comes baked in with a handful of wallpapers, ones that successfully conceal the notch and add an increased level of singularity to the display. The app cleverly conceals the notch by adding a black background to the top part of the display, similar to the other bezel-less displays used by LG and Samsung.

Thankfully the app is free if you don’t mind the watermark at the bottom. However, you can pay a one time fee of $1.99 and remove the same. That’s, not all one can also use the Gadget Hacks advice or use the template file in order to create custom wallpapers that engulf the notch. All you need to do is import the PSD file and open it in Photoshop. Once open drag and drop the image of your choice and with the top layer intact.

Once the wallpaper is ready, transfer and save it to your iPhone X. Now Open the image and tap “Share” and select “Use as a Wallpaper.” Set the mode as still. While the notch in itself doesn’t occur as an ugly design element, the placement may irk some of us. And before we forget the Notcho app can be downloaded from here.

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