Snowboard has introduced the much-awaited sequel to its endless runner game, Alto’s Adventure. The recent version, called Alto’s Odyssey is available on iOS (coming on Android later) and just like its predecessor, it is has become the new favorite endless runner game in no time. And that is because, as we mentioned in our review, Odyssey has not only kept the basics of Alto’s adventure in place but has also added new dimensions to the game – instead of the snow, Alto surfs on sand, and there are environments like canyons and temples. There are also new moves. And all of these new moves, graphics and music, all just blend in with the serene vibe of the game. The game is not really about the rush of completing challenges or trying to ride for the longest time, it is about type experience that just subtly helps you feel better. We called it the Zen Master of endless runners, remember?  And that’s because playing it gives us almost a Zen-like peaceful feeling.

how to: turn on zen mode in alto’s odyssey - alto zen mode 1

And actually, what not too many know is that the game ACTUALLY has a Zen mode in it as well.

Just sit back and relax…don’t worry about jumps and coins

For, even though Alto’s Odyssey is very pacifying and super simple, the main game still requires for you to complete challenges to progress and save yourself from crashing into rocks by tapping on the screen. All of which requires constant concentration on the game. Want to make the experience even more simple and serene?

The Zen mode in the Alto’s Odyssey is about simplifying matters. Really simplifying them.

Once you get into the Zen mode in the game, you can literally stop thinking and leave the controls. You just have to start the game, and Alto will keep riding on his own, without having to ever worry about crashing or falling. You can plug in your earphones, sit back and enjoy the ride. Literally.

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Sounds like your cup of tea? Well, go ahead and activate it. There’s a catch, though –  the Zen mode is not easy to find. At first, we did not even know there WAS a Zen mode because we could not spot it on the game’s menu or settings. The irony is that it is actually right out there.

Easy to access, if not to spot

All you have to do is, launch the app and when you get to the main screen where the app asks you to tap on the screen to start the game, well, DO NOT TAP.  No, we are not making you rebels, just taking you to the Zen mode. Instead of tapping, you have to swipe the screen from the right side of the display to the left. As you will swipe, a sketch of a sun will appear on the game’s screen. Just continue your swipe until the sun’s sketch is complete. That’s it, ladies and gentlemen, you are in Zen mode now. You only have to tap on the screen to start surfing the sands without bothering your head about crashes, coins, balloons and the like.  The game recommends you use headphones at this stage. And we so second that – the experience can be super immersive.

Take some photographs too!

And if you love the visuals too, there’s a neat trick Zen mode has up its sleeve. Just hit the pause button in the bottom left corner of the screen, and see a camera shutter icon appear on the middle right part of the display, with the shot framed neatly. You can zoom in a bit too and reposition the frame (no, you will not be able to get a better look at Alto – we tried!) and hit the shutter icon to take a picture and save it or share it on social networks. Sure beats taking screenshots.

Great visuals, soothing sounds and music, an endless journey, and the option to take pictures whenever you want. If you thought that Alto’s Odyssey could not get any more Zen-like, the game’s own Zen mode will prove you wrong. Give it a try, we suggest.

(Exiting the Zen mode is as simple as pausing the game, hitting the home button icon that appears on the middle left part of the display, and then when you see the sun in the middle of the display, swipe from the left side of the display to the right, gently dissolving the sun, and bringing back the real gameplay mode!)

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