Another day, another Xiaomi-backed Smart product. We have been covering a slew of gadgets by various platforms backed by Xiaomi. Recently, we covered the intelligent dishwasher from Yumni and this time around, it is a Refrigerator. Yes, the Xiaomi backed Yumni has launched an intelligent French Door Refrigerator (side by side top with a bottom feature). Apparently, this is the 160th product that was part of the Xiaomi crowdfunding and was later released formally.

xiaomi backed yumni launches a smart french door refrigerator with 10.1-inch screen - yumni refrigerator

This French style refrigerator offers a total effective volume of 462L and is priced at RMB 3,999($631/Rs 41,189). The freezer compartment share is a staggering 289l out of the total 462l. The logic behind this is that the oversized drawers can be used to store large items like lobsters. Yumni refrigerator comes used a linear slider technology to facilitate a smoother operation of the drawers. It is also worth mentioning that the freezer uses split compartment design and 8 layers of bottle rack for easy storage.

As far as the electricity consumption is concerned, the Yumni Intelligent French four-door refrigerator uses 180-degree vector frequency conversion which helps it in achieving better efficiency. The refrigerator is designed to blow frost free air and it takes care that the air is not blown directly on to the food. Moving on to the smart part, the Yumni refrigerator sports a large 10.1-inch screen and the software supports for one-click shopping, recipe queries, and other kitchen related functions. That’s not all, the built-in voice system will connect to the phone and help you place phone calls.

Needless to say, the Yumni Intelligent does come with a companion app and it is here that you can check the refrigerator vitals including filter cartridge remaining life, holiday mode and also the options to conserve energy. Let us hope that Xiaomi will soon introduce the Yumni Intelligent in the Indian markets, though it is very unlikely.

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