Lenovo has now launched a new watch in China alongside its three new smartphones. Dubbed the Lenovo Watch 9, the wearable timepiece isn’t a fully functional smartwatch. Instead, it can be referred to as hybrid smartwatch. Despite being an analog watch ergonomically, the Lenovo Watch 9 boasts of a large number of smartwatch features.

lenovo watch 9

The Lenovo Watch 9 hybrid smartwatch looks just like any other modern day timepiece at the first glance. It comes with a simple yet elegant dial that is available in either a black or a white finish. Lenovo has matched the dials with a similar colored silicone strap. It, in turn, gives the watch a sporty appearance. To bolster the Watch 9’s sporty outlook, Lenovo has given it a 9H hardness rated premium sapphire glass cover over the dial. Furthermore, the all-new hybrid smartwatch from Lenovo is water resistant up to 50 meters.

Unlike other smartwatches, the Lenovo Watch 9 misses out on an OLED display. This may seem like a major drawback of the watch for some while being a blessing in disguise for others. Many users simply would like to get smartwatch benefit in a standard analog timepiece, and the Lenovo Watch 9 is primarily targeted at that section of consumers. The Watch 9 can be paired with any smartphone running Android and iOS, which in turn allows users to interact with the smartwatch using a dedicated app.

lenovo watch 9

The Lenovo Watch 9 hybrid smartwatch comes with nearly all feature you would expect from an average fitness band. It can track a plethora of information including steps, calories burnt, sleep duration and distance covered.

Lenovo claims that its new hybrid watch delivers up to 12 months of battery life on a single charge. It will be available for purchase in China starting March 23. There’s no concrete information on whether or not Lenovo plans to bring the Watch 9 to its international markets including India. The Chinese OEM currently sells two of its fitness bands Lenovo HW01 and Lenovo HW02 in India.

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