YouTube has been, as of late, going through an extensive revamp. The Google-owned video service has brought a flurry of new changes and features across the entire platform in just the past few months. YouTube, however, is all set to receive yet another minor update. The company seems to be beta-testing a new button on the YouTube player which lets you pop-out the video in a separate window, ideal for users who regularly watch content while multitasking on another tab.

google is testing a video pop-out button for the youtube player - youtube pop out button

The new pop-out key joins the bottom-right row of quick actions and resides between the resolution and cinema mode options. The icon is similar to the picture-in-picture available in beta on Google Chrome. The new dedicated window it leads to, however, is unlike other third-party implementations we’ve seen in the past.

It’s essentially a shrunken down mini YouTube player since hovering at the top reveals the search bar if you’d like to play another clip without returning to the source tab on your browser. In addition, on the pop-out window, you still have all the controls you’d normally have on YouTube including resolution settings, full-screen, and others.

The update, although, looks like a server-side one as we were not able to reproduce it on other browsers or computers and only came across it once in the incognito mode. Clearing cache and browser data don’t help either, so the only thing you can do is wait or hope you’re one of the lucky users. Therefore, it’s clear the feature is still in early stages and won’t be available anytime soon.

YouTube also recently made the picture-in-picture mode available for all Android users instead of just Red subscribers. In addition to a black theme, YouTube has overhauled a bunch of other core features of its video platform such as channel memberships which lets subscribers enjoy exclusive perks for a monthly fee, better recommendations, more creator-friendly monetization options including non-skippable advertisements, and more.

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