In spite of being in existence since the inception of smartphones, SMS apps oddly seem to be going through a technological refresh of late. In addition to adopting smarter algorithms to segregate and block spam, these essential applications are also now evolving as per modern smartphone trends. This shift, consequently, has spawned a medley of third-party clients on Android’s Play Store. So which one is the best for you?

For Everyone — Microsoft SMS Organizer

which is the best android sms app for you? - microsoft sms organizer

Yes, Microsoft makes the most competent SMS app for Android right now. Simply called “SMS Organizer”, the free app’s core highlight is its ability to categorize each type of message into several tabs like Personal, Promotions. That essentially allows you to easily locate and avoid a particular SMS. There are a handful of more factors behind why I feel SMS Organizer has a lead among the rest.

The first one is something called “Statements” which does exactly what it sounds like. SMS Organizer can track and read messages from banks, mobile wallets and show your available balance, past transactions in a clean interface. In addition, the app can work with booking confirmations too and organizes your upcoming events in cards which come in handy when you quickly want to know the booking reference or the seat number at a movie hall.

Of course, like every other SMS app these days, SMS Organizer adds a “Copy OTP” option in relevant notifications and messages. Plus, you can even backup as well as restore your messages, settings while switching to a new phone. There are a couple of other settings you should know. It has an option to turn off notifications for promotional messages and you can even change themes. And yeah, here’s the part which will convince you to install it — SMS Organizer is entirely free of cost with no in-app advertisements or subscriptions.

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For People Who Can’t Stand Spam – Truecaller

which is the best android sms app for you? - truecaller messages

If you’re someone who is looking for the best spam filters, Truecaller is the way to go. The Caller ID service has a messaging tab integrated into its main app which has two columns — one for what it thinks is important and the other for the rest. And it is indeed the best solution if you are fed up with unnecessary SMS. I’ve been personally employing Truecaller for over a year now and have never thought of switching. Another reason why I have not left Truecaller is that it is sort of one app to rule them all kind of situation.

Truecaller can handle both calls and messages and keep spam at bay in either case. It also has the usual features you’d expect from an app like this such as themes, the “Copy OTP” button, and more. However, Truecaller has a premium fee unless you can live with advertisements which I’m guessing you don’t want in an SMS app. Therefore, if you don’t want SMS Organizer’s “organizational” capabilities and can afford, Truecaller won’t let you down either.

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For the Bargain Hunters – Kyte

which is the best android sms app for you? - kyte android

Kyte, in nearly every way, is like SMS Organizer (Its description also says “Smart SMS Organizer”). It features tabs for various types of SMS messages, shows statements, processes booking confirmations, lets you back up the data, and more. However, it comes with one additional feature which is the fact that it can even recognize coupons and groups all of them on a dedicated page which is quite nice.

But there are a few aspects where Kyte stumbles. For starters, it requires a login which is pointless for a messaging app. Second, the app has a Gold membership which is okay. The problem is the app constantly tries to remind you that you’re a non-Gold membership with pop-ups on launch. Therefore, until Kyte mends these shortcomings, SMS Organizer will remain my recommendation for everyone.

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For the Minimalists and Multitaskers — Android Messages

which is the best android sms app for you? - android messages

Lastly, we’ve Google’s own Android Messages. It was two advantages over the others — a web client so that you can read, reply to messages from your computer and a straightforward design. However, the latter also works against the app because it misses out on the supplementary features apps like SMS Organizer and Kyte are known for. It’s free, though and probably already installed on your phone.

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