Asus 6Z Camera Review: Say cheese and flip!

by: - Last updated on: June 22nd, 2019

The Asus 6Z is the latest smartphone to join the slew of phones with the 48MP Sony IMX586 sensor with f/1.6 aperture and the flip mechanism means that the same module along with the 13MP wide-angle shooter also acts a selfie camera. More than the camera specs, image output from the camera is what eventually matters and we are going to see how the Asus 6Z’s cameras perform in day-to-day situations.

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As usual, beginning with photos in broad daylight, the detailing is really good and while colors don’t necessarily pop-out, they appear natural, but a little increase in contrast and saturation levels would have made the images look more pleasing to the eye. The fix is pretty simple – Just use the Google Camera Mod and you will instantly see the difference. Dynamic range is also handled well, and images are well exposed. Shadows are retained and don’t appear to be too dark, while highlights are also not blown out completely.

[Click here for Full resolution images and additional samples on Flickr]

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The wide-angle shooter, however, loses out on details which makes the images look slightly washed out. The dynamic range also isn’t that great so pointing at the sky would result in mostly blow-out images. However, if used for the right kind of pictures, the wide-angle lens can produce great-looking images with a different perspective and can also help you get more into the frame.

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Speaking about getting more into the frame, the wide-angle shooter can be a great option for selfies or “groupfies” involving a lot of people. The skin tones are also managed surprisingly well by the wide-angle lens which makes it a perfect candidate for selfies with a group of friends.

Selfies shot using the primary 48MP camera are also impressive since the high megapixel count results in extremely sharp detailing, and to add to it, the included portrait mode does a splendid job at edge detection and blurs out the background ever so subtly making the overall image looks very natural rather than going for an aggressive bokeh.

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In indoor and low-light situations too, the 6Z manages to take good pictures, but with low brightness levels, so until Asus rolls out an OTA to fix this issue, you will have to manually edit the image post-capture. The wide-angle camera further degrades in low-light and outputs images that are dull, but usable.

The panorama mode is slightly unique on this device and rather than you having to move the smartphone manually, the camera flips 180 degrees slowly capturing images continuously to eventually stitch them together. Since the camera flips all the way around, you can even include yourself in the panorama shot which is quite cool!

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For videos, the Asus 6Z can shoot in up to 4K at 60fps which means you can shoot both rear and front-facing footage at that crisp resolution which makes it one of the best smartphones if you shoot a lot of videos, especially vlogs.

The Asus 6Z offers a well-rounded camera experience and the biggest advantage of that flip camera is the fact that both rear and front-facing images are extremely detailed, and the versatility of the wide-angle camera can also be utilized on the front. At a starting price of Rs 31,999, it is directly competing with the likes of OnePlus 7 and Honor 20. Both these phones are known to be inconsistent when it comes to the camera performance and Asus 6Z definitely holds an edge over here.

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