The Asus 6Z (known as Zenfone 6, globally) has a promising set of cameras on the rear as well as the front since it’s technically the same 48MP IMX 586 sensor on the rear that flips over to take selfies as well. However, great hardware always doesn’t necessarily translate to great quality pictures. And that’s where Google’s magical algorithms come into the picture (quite literally). While the 6Z does manage to take some good pictures with the default camera app, we saw during our testing that a lot of images lacked contrast and saturation. So using the Google Camera mod improves those parameters by a considerable margin. Not to forget, Night Sight does a magical job of capturing low-light shots, so that’s an added bonus.

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If you’re getting yourself the Asus 6Z or you have one already, you need to try the G Cam mod and we’ll tell you exactly how to in this article.

How To Install Google Camera Mod on Asus 6Z

  • Download the APK file from here and the config file from here and move them to your phone’s internal storage. This is the best available Gcam APK we have for Asus 6Z for now. Be sure to check back frequently for newer and better versions.
  • Make sure you have enabled “Install apps from external sources” from Settings before attempting to install the mod.
  • Once enabled, you can tap on the downloaded APK file to install it.
  • DO NOT open the Google Camera App yet as it will Force Close.
  • Head over to your file manager and create a new folder called ‘GCam’ in the root directory of your internal storage and then create another folder within the GCam folder titled “Configs”.
  • Paste the downloaded .xml file in the ‘Configs’ folder.
  • Head over to your app drawer and long-press on the Google Camera app until you see the shortcut options and select “Take a Video”.
  • You will now be inside the Google Camera App. Double-tap on the black portion next to the shutter button and you will see a dialogue box.
  • Select the config file and hit ‘Restore’ and once done, exit the app.
  • Restart the Google Camera app, and you now have a working G Cam Mod on your Asus 6Z!

You can instantly see the difference in outputs from both camera apps when you compare them side by side. The default camera app tends to soften some images while the Google Camera Mod retains the sharpness. We will end with a few samples from both camera apps to help you decide.

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