Best Note-Taking Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2022

Ditch Pen and Paper!

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With an infinite number of thoughts crossing our mind each minute, there are times when we feel the need to note down something, to come back to, in the future. And even though some still prefer to pen-down things the old way, note-taking apps have become the way to go for such instances.

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If you happen to be an iOS user, there’s a huge array of note-taking apps available on the App Store. So to save you the trouble, we have curated a list of some of the best note-taking apps for your iPhone or iPad.

1. Evernote

When it comes to note-taking apps, Evernote is one of the most popular apps around. It offers a tonne of features and is an ideal choice for someone who wants more control over the app’s different functionalities.
Apart from notes, Evernote also allows you to set reminders, create to-dos, and attach documents, photos, videos, webpages, and more. An for times when you feel more creative, it also offers the ability to sketch or take handwritten notes.

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  • Cross-platform sync
  • Scan various types of documents
  • Passcode lock
  • Share and discuss with people
  • Set reminders
  • Clip and highlight articles
  • Plan and collaborate

Download Evernote (Free)

2. Bear

Bear is a flexible writing app that can be used by anyone, from a blogger to a coder. It offers a wide variety of themes and typography, with emphasis on making note-taking a beautiful experience on your device. Further, to make the experience more enriching, it also offers the ability to edit using different editing tools and export and share notes anywhere. The export options present on the Free app include HTML, PDF, DOCX, MD, JPG, and EPUB. With more options available on the Pro version.



  • One-tap formatting with a custom shortcut bar
  • Create notes with Siri
  • Support for sketching and drawing
  • Quick organisation using #tags
  • Cross-platform sync

Download Bear (Free)

3. Microsoft OneNote

OneNote is a feature-packed note-taking app from Microsoft. Apart from a wide gamut of features it offers, one of the most highlighting, and probably the most useful feature that it has is the Office integration. Not to mention, the ability to sync your notes via OneDrive, which can then be accessed anytime, anywhere. In a nutshell, the app provides a complete Microsoft Office experience when you sign in with your Microsoft Account.

microsoft onenote


  • Cross-platform sync
  • Secure notes with a password or TouchID
  • Collaborate with friends with a shared notepad
  • Create to-do lists, memos, and quick reminders
  • Draw with ‘Convert to Shapes’ mode

Download Microsoft OneNote (Free)

4. Paper by Dropbox

Paper by Dropbox is a note-taking app for teams to collaborate and work on the same project. It focuses on offering features that come in handy when working in a group like the ability to create and edit shared documents, add comments and revisions, reply to comments to keep the work in progress. One of the handy features about the app is the ability to access, edit, and comment on your starred and recent docs, and create new docs, even when you are offline.

paper by


  • Get team updates
  • Access, modify, create new notes when offline
  • Post and reply to comments
  • Star a document

Download Paper by Dropbox (Free)

5. Simplenote

If too many fancy features and customizations are something you don’t desire for in a note-taking app, Simplenote is an ideal option for your requirements. The app takes more of a feature-light, text-oriented approach towards offering you a clutter-free and easy-to-use experience. As a result, it aims at offering better speed and efficiency, while retaining essential features like formatting and text sharing.



  • Cross-platform sync
  • Organise using with tags and pins
  • Automatic backup and synchronisation
  • Share and publish notes

Download Simplenote (Free)

6. Notability

Notability is a simple, powerful, and feature-packed app for taking notes and annotating PDFs on the go. It offers a slew of features for customization, in addition to the most trivial ones like signing and sharing documents, annotating images, word count, different options for fonts, sizes, and colors, ability to import PDFs, DOCs, PPTs, images, GIFs, and more.



  • Drag and Drop to move content
  • Secure notes using FaceID or TouchID
  • Search for handwritten words
  • Convert handwriting to text
  • Work on two notes side-by-side with Multi-Note
  • Auto backup and sync

Download Notability (Paid)

7. Drafts

Unlike most other apps, Drafts takes a different approach altogether. It, rather than creating a simple, static note, focuses on creating an actionable note. In a nutshell, the app combines a notebook, an editor, and a writing automation tool, to allow you to create a simple note without requiring templates. Once created, it offers a wide variety of actions with various app integrations, to perform on the note.



  • Ask Siri to create ‘Create a note using Drafts’
  • Use actions to copy, share, or deep-link into other apps and services
  • Organise using tags
  • Flag or archive notes for importance or long-term storage
  • Adjust fonts, line height, and margins

Download Drafts (Free)

Those were some of the note-taking apps, which according to us, are probably the best ones on the App Store for your iPhone or iPad. However, you need to be aware of your requirements and expectations before deciding the one ideal for your requirements.

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