The design is not just what it looks like and feels like. The design is how it works.

This famous quote by Steve Jobs looks tailor-made for products made by Dyson. From air purifiers to hairdryers and vacuum cleaners to bladeless fans, Dyson’s approach towards household appliances is unparalleled. While they look modern and cool, they, however, stand out for superior technology. We got a taste of this when we reviewed the Dyson Air Purifier last year but Dyson’s true expertise is in their vacuum cleaning tech. Interestingly, the company completely ditched the corded vacuum cleaners last year and is solely concentrating on cordless vacuums since then. And it definitely shows on the Dyson V11 Absolute Pro.

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The tech behind vacuum cleaning can’t really be termed as ‘exciting’, at least, not for most people. But all these years, people were forced to either choose portability or power. Dyson’s V11 series has managed to turn that around. The motor on V11 turns at a whopping 125,000 rpm or 60 times a second. While that’s a lot of power, Dyson has managed to keep the noise low by using a triple diffuser to streamline airflow and creating powerful suction with reduced turbulence.

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Not just the engine, Dyson has improved upon the battery too as compared to earlier models. The new batteries are beefier and hence last longer. Dyson has added an LCD screen on the back which now reports how long the battery can last in different modes. There are three different modes – Eco, Auto, and Boost, which are self-explanatory. In my usage, the Auto mode worked best. At home, we have vitrified tiles all over except for the kitchen which has ceramic tiles. While eco mode promises more run time, the lack of power is very apparent. The boost mode revs up the motor and can be helpful at times but is surely unnecessary for the most part. On Auto mode, the sensor is smart enough to automatically adjust the power by revving the motor up and down with ease.

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While cleaning up dry spills in kitchen or chunks of dog hair is a no-brainer, the best thing about V11 Absolute is the way it manages to pick up fine dust from floors, carpets, foot rugs, sofas, car seats, mattresses and others. Dyson has placed three sensors – one each near the motor, battery and the attachment – which helps to adjust the speed. Dyson also has filters at the top of the motor to ensure that the air coming out of the vacuum is clean and free of harmful particles. As per Dyson, this can capture up to 99.97 percent of particles including microscopic dust particles up to 0.3 microns.

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Let me list out my experience using the Dyson V11 Absolute Pro as individual points:

  • Dyson V11 is more robust than it looks. While I started out treating it as an expensive fragile device, eventually, over the two months+ usage, it turned out to be much more carefree. And it held up just fine.
  • It’s noob friendly. Everyone at home was able to figure out how it works within minutes of starting to use the Dyson V11. Things, like fixing/changing attachments and emptying of collected dust, are super simple. But yes, it can get confusing when it comes to cleaning the parts or changing the filters.
  • This can fit in just about any living room without looking like an eye-sore like other vacuum cleaners.
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  • The cordless vacuum weighs just over 3kg. Personally, this was fine to use for 30-45 mins at a stretch, but ladies in the house struggled a bit. The key is to switch hands if used for a long duration.
  • The Gold Torque drive attachment which was the most used of all attachments is super flexible. You literally don’t need to lift it from the floor to reach any part or adjust the angles.
  • Charging/docking mechanism of Dyson V11 Absolute Pro is nearly flawless. In the Gold variant, you get a floor dock which also doubles up as a charger. In Nickle/Blue variant, the dock is fixed to the wall.
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  • There are multiple attachments which come packed in the box. This includes the Gold Torque Drive which can be used on floors, carpets, etc., the Soft Roller Cleaner head which can be used on slightly delicate materials like sofas, car seats etc., the crevice tool to reach narrower spaces, the combination tool, the mini motorized tool, the mini soft dusting brush to clean things like ceiling fan blades, the Mattress Tool, the extension hose and the up-top adapter. Practically, everything you need to keep your home clean.
  • This is a dry vacuum cleaner which means you should keep it completely away from water. Even for cleaning, you are expected to use a moist cloth to clean and then let it dry for a day before using again.

For someone who has a super-hairy Golder Retriever and a super-naughty toddler at home, the V11 Absolute has been a serious blessing.

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At a starting price of Rs 52,990, the Dyson V11 Absolute Pro isn’t for everyone. It is definitely on the expensive side of things but I’d argue that it isn’t overpriced. As per a study done by Dyson in association with FICCI Research and Analysis Centre (FRAC), urban homes in India are also home to innumerable allergens including cockroach allergens, dust mite allergens and dog allergens which can potentially cause skin and respiratory problems. The Dyson V11 Absolute Pro effectively manages to remove hidden dust containing harmful allergens which otherwise can be easily missed. It’s a price worth paying for absolute peace of mind.

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A vacuum cleaner for half a lakh? Well, this is no ordinary vacuum cleaner. The Dyson V11 Absolute Pro is a near-perfect cordless vacuum cleaner which will be seen as a benchmark for the segment. Here is my review.

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