Along with the updates Surface Laptop 3, Surface Pro 7 and a new Surface Pro X, Microsoft has announced a surprising new device which truly looks like an innovative product, the Microsoft Surface Neo. The Surface Neo is a foldable device, following the typical developments in the field of technology this year, but instead of a foldable display, opts for two separate displays attached by a thin hinge in between. In addition, the company also announced the Surface Duo – a dual-screen phone running Android.

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The Surface Neo is a foldable mini laptop which is ultra-portable. The device measures just 5.6mm in thickness and uses what Microsoft claims to be the thinnest LCD panel on nay portable device. The Surface Neo weighs in at just over 650g which again, makes it easy to carry around or even pocket in some cases. Since there are displays on either side, along with the virtual on-screen keyboard, Microsoft is even including a magnetic keyboard which attaches and rests on a part of the display when in use, which puts the other part of the display in use as a trackpad. The displays come protected with Gorilla Glass.

The trackpad is essentially a part of the display, meaning you can even use it as what Microsoft is calling a “wonder bar” which allows you to add emojis, gifs etc. to your text input fields. That part of the display can even be used to display windows of some apps if you want to multitask and will be using an external mouse instead of the trackpad.

Microsoft is using a custom chipset for the Surface Neo developed in co-ordination with Intel. The new Intel chipset is called the Intel Lakefield which enables the dual-display layout of the Surface Neo. Thanks to this chipset, multitasking on the Surface Neo is a breeze and one can open multiple windows at the same time. Along with the hardware, Windows 10X, a customized version of the OS for this foldable device handles apps in a smarter way. For example, tapping a link in the browser will open it in the secondary display which keeps you in the loop. The Surface Neo also has support for pen input.

The Surface Neo is currently only in the prototyping/testing phase and will be made available to purchase during the holiday season in 2020. Nevertheless, the concept seems brilliant and we’re surely looking forward to the Surface Neo.

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