With technology growing ever-so fast, there is a perennial need for an upgrade for both — the wide range of apps and services and the developers creating them. Not to mention, the very need for young minds to learn to code and understand its intricacies. For, given the kind of understanding and the scope of opportunities it offers, many consider ‘learning to code’ and ‘being able to understand code’ a mandatory addition to the curriculum.

apple expands 'everyone can code' program to more students, updates curriculum - apple everyone can code

Building upon this belief, Apple, one of the popular hardware companies in the world, has a program called, ‘Everyone Can Code’, which just as it sounds, offers a comprehensive curriculum for learning to develop apps for iOS and macOS. The curriculum includes interactive learning resources for both students and teachers and begins with students learning using the Swift Playgrounds app on the iPad, and over time, gradually moving towards learning to develop using Xcode (on Mac). And following its own footsteps, Apple has today expanded the program to more students across the world and updated the course material with new puzzles, quizzes, and study materials.

Under the Everyone Can Code program, students are initially introduced to the Swift programming language using the Swift Playgrounds app on the iPad. The Playgrounds app allows teachers to teach the Swift programming language — a language created by Apple to build apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Watch — using its immersive and interactive environment. As students progress further, the levels start requiring more attention, and things start to make more sense.

apple expands 'everyone can code' program to more students, updates curriculum - apple everyone can code 1 1

With its newest update this time around, Apple says it has redesigned the ‘Everyone Can Code’ curriculum, and it now focuses more on expanding and introducing elementary and middle school students to coding. Essentially, the new coding curriculum builds upon the existing curriculum — that provides interactive puzzles, guides, and activities to make learning coding fun — and includes new puzzles, guides, and study materials. It also gets optimized with support for VoiceOver and closed-captioned videos and audio descriptions in American Sign Language. Additionally, it now also includes more resources for teachers, a new student guide, and refreshed Swift Coding Club materials.

Furthermore, teachers who use the platform to help students learn to code now get to take advantage of the ‘companion teacher guide’ to assess and keep a tab on their student’s learning progress. Besides this, Apple also plans to offer a chance for all the interested learners around the world to register for thousands of free Today at Apple coding sessions that are slated to take place in December across different Apple Stores.

apple expands 'everyone can code' program to more students, updates curriculum - apple everyone can code 2

As mentioned above, starting December 1st through 15th, Apple will be organizing thousands of Today at Apple coding sessions across different Apple Stores to celebrate Computer Science Education Week. There, it will be offering free interactive sessions to help aspiring coders take their first step and get started with coding. Apple also plans to offer special sessions for coders of all ages, for whom it will be organizing specially-catered sessions at some of its stores.

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