How to Customize and use Share Sheet on iOS 13

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Apple’s iOS 13 was one of the most-anticipated iOS versions for a long time. And for the most part, it managed to live up to people’s expectations, with features such as the system-wide Dark Mode, Sign-in with Apple, location data limits, automated Siri shortcuts, and revamped stock apps adding to the experience. Among these improvements and features is the all-new and improved Share Sheet, which now offers better control over what and how you share stuff between devices. So let’s take a look at these improvements and learn how to customize and use Share Sheet on iOS 13 effectively.

How to Customize and Use Share Sheet on iOS 13

Before jumping directly into the customization process, let’s first understand the new structure of the Share Sheet on iOS 13. A thing to note here is that, even though the structuring has changed and a few new options have been added, the functionality remains the same as the earlier versions.

iOS 13 Share Sheet Structure

To break it down, the top of the Share Sheet shows the item you have selected to share, with an Options button at the bottom. Upon clicking this button, a list of options, depending on the item you are sharing, opens up, giving you the option to choose how you would like to share the selected item. So, for instance, if you want to share an image, you will see an option to include all image data, or say you want to share a web page, clicking on Options will show you different options like Save as: Automatic, PDF, and Web Archive, to select and share.

Next, below the item you are sharing, the next row shows you contact-based sharing options, which can be either a person in your contact list or a person whom you recently contacted. Besides, if AirDrop is turned On on your device and there are nearby devices with discoverable AirDrop, the row also shows share suggestions for the same. Moving further, the third row on the sheet is where all the app-based sharing options reside. For the item you select to share, you will find different app suggestions to share the item with, in this row.

Finally, the last row or the actions section on the Share Sheet is where a major rehaul can be noticed as you can now get a list of all the compatible actions that can be performed on the item you pick to share. Furthermore, the actions section is divided into three sections: favorites, app-specific actions, and other actions. Among these, the favorites section shows actions that you have performed the most, app-specific actions include actions for the app you are using to share the item, and other actions offer actions from other apps. So, for instance, if you choose a webpage to share, the action section will offer action suggestions like Markup, Print, Add Bookmark, and even the actions for the shortcuts that you have created using the Shortcuts app like Translate, Download Videos, Shorten URL, etc.

Now that you are familiar with the structuring of the new Share Sheet on iOS 13, let’s move on to how you can customize it as per your requirements.

How to Customize Share Sheet on iOS 13

Customize App-based Sharing section

1. Select an item in an app and tap the Share button.

2. In the third-row, swipe all the way to the left to see a button that says More. Tap on it.

Customize app based sharing section 1

3. On the next screen, hit Edit from the top-right corner.

Customize app based sharing section 2

4. Here, tap the green (+) icon under Suggestions to add them to the Favorites list. Similarly, tap on the red (-) icon to remove an app from the Favorites list.

Customize app based sharing section 3

5. Toggle (On) the icon next to these apps to make them appear in the favorite app suggestions.

6. Arrange the order of apps in which they appear using the hamburger-style button on the right of the app.

Customize app based sharing section 4

7. Finally, hit Done.

Customize Actions section

1. Open an app, select an item, and hit the Share button.

2. Scroll down to the bottom and tap on Edit Actions….

Customize actions section 1

3. From the next screen, similar to how you added apps to the list, tap on the green (+) sign next to the suggested actions list to add them to the list of Favorite actions. Alternatively, you can also remove an action by tapping on the red (-) button.

Customize actions section 2

4. Arrange the list of actions under Favorites using the hamburger-style button on the right of actions.

Customize actions section 2

5. Hit Done.

How to Use Share Sheet on iOS 13

Once you have customized and personalized the Share Sheet as per your usage and needs, you can go ahead and start using it to share different items. Here’s how

1. Open an app and select an item that you want to share or make changes to.

2. Once selected, click on the Share button and choose how you want to share it. Similarly, besides sharing an item, you can also perform certain actions on it by leveraging the Share utility.

Use Share Sheet on iOS 13

To break that down, you can either tap on the AirDrop icon — to share the item over AirDrop, or select any contact — to share it with them using the most frequently used app. On the other hand, you can perform an action on the selected item using the suggested options that appear in the actions section.

That’s it for this article!
Using this guide, you can now modify the Share Sheet on iOS 13 accordingly as and when required.

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