Xiaomi has been one of the most trusted brands when it comes to power banks. The Mi Power Bank 2i is one of the most reliable power banks one can get that too at an affordable price. It was quite a while though since the Mi Power Bank 2i came out which meant it was stuck on Micro USB whereas most phones and gadgets these days ship with USB-C. To address that, Xiaomi has launched the Mi Wireless Powerbank. While not necessarily being an upgrade to the 2i, the Mi Wireless Powerbank is a premium accessory that even supports wireless charging as the name suggests.

mi wireless powerbank with 10,000mah capacity and wireless charging launched for rs. 2,499 - mi wireless pb

Mi Wireless Powerbank comes with 10000mAh capacity and along with the regular wired charging capabilities, offers a wireless charging solution too which is Qi certified. The wireless charging output is rated at 10W. If you choose to charge your phone through the conventional wired method, the Mi Wireless Powerbank can output up to 18W through the USB-A port. There’s also two-way fast charging which means using the USB-C port, you can even fast charge the power bank at 18W.

While it isn’t clear yet, it looks like the Mi Wireless Powerbank sports a metal chassis with a plastic front panel as wireless charging cannot work through metal. Unlike the Mi Power Bank 2i or the recently launched Redmi Powerbank, the Mi Wireless Powerbank is a premium gadget as wireless charging itself is a premium feature that is found only on more expensive smartphones. If you don’t care about wireless charging or your phone does not support it, you might as well get the Mi Power Bank 2i for a fraction of the price, or even the new Redmi Powerbank 20000mah variant which has everything that the Mi Wireless Powerbank has, except for wireless charging. It also offers double the capacity for half the price.

The Mi Wireless Powerbank not only is a premium gadget but also will cost you a premium at Rs. 2,499. The price can be justified given on how much you prioritize the convenience of having wireless charging on your power bank. This might also be a hint that the Mi 10 might be coming to India soon, as the phone has support for wireless charging.

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