As India fight the Covid-19 virus, a big challenge facing local administration is the fact that many of the poor and needy have no idea where to even get food from. Many state governments have opened hunger relief centers, but finding them is not an easy task. In an innovative use of technology, the state government of the Indian capital has used Google Maps to show more than 500 hunger relief centers in the city. These are places where the needy can get two meals (lunch and dinner), which are served free of cost.

delhi government uses google maps to fight hunger in covid-19 times - delhi govt google maps

The map designed by the state government can be accessed here. It shows shelter homes (where people can sleep for the night, besides getting the free meals) in the form of a red icon with a fork and spoon, while schools, where food is being served, are marked in blue with a beverage icon.

The link opens the tweaked Google Maps on your browser and shows you different locations of the hunger relief centers in the city. You can pinch to zoom in and out. Tapping on a particular shows its name and location, and also gives you the option to navigate to it. No, there is no search option, but considering this is covering just a city, it is more than adequate.

Of course, there are some who would say that this kind has limited utility because most of those who need it (such as migrant workers and the homeless) would actually not possess a smartphone, or might not even be literate enough to use the facility. However, we feel it is a great option for everyone who can use it, as it enables them to guide the needy to a place where they can get food and perhaps even shelter in these testing. We do hope other administrations will follow this example.

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