How to Install Google Camera (GCam Mod) on OnePlus Nord

Get better pictures on OnePlus Nord with Gcam mod

by: - Last updated on: August 5th, 2020

The OnePlus Nord is undoubtedly one of the most hyped smartphones of 2020 and for good reason. The OnePlus Nord tries to emulate the experience of the more premium OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro in the sub-30k price-point and it manages to do so quite well. One area, though, where OnePlus traditionally has not had a very good track record is cameras. The OnePlus Nord has the same camera setup as the OnePlus 8 with a primary 48MP Sony IMX 586 sensor accompanied by an ultra-wide, macro, and depth sensors.

oneplus nord review

While the image output from the stock camera app is decent, it tends to botch up the details and more often than not overdoes the contrast. We thought of trying Google Camera or a compatible GCam mod as that tends to improve the camera performance of any smartphone by a good margin and needless to say, it certainly made some difference. So, we are going to tell you how you too can improve the camera performance on your OnePlus Nord by using Google Camera or GCam mod.

Do note that since the OnePlus Nord is relatively new, the current build of Google Camera or G Cam only supports the primary 48MP shooter so for the ultrawide and macro lenses, you’ll have to use the stock camera app. Let’s now get to the procedure.

How to install GCam Mod on OnePlus Nord

  • Download the required APK file for Google Camera from here and install it by tapping on the downloaded file. If you haven’t installed an APK before, you will be prompted to allow installation from third-party sources so make sure you enable that and then install the Google Camera APK.
  • Once installed, fire up the Google Camera app and grant all the required permissions.
  • You now have a working Google Camera app or G Cam mod and you can start clicking better-looking pictures.
  • A few things to note are that the Night Sight mode also has the Astrophotography option which you can enable by going into Night Sight and selecting it from the drop-down settings menu.
  • The Google Camera settings have an option to enable the secondary and tertiary lenses which are the ultrawide and macro cameras but do not enable them since it will cause the Google Camera app to force close and you’ll have to clear the app data and set it up all over again.

The included version of Google Camera or GCam mod is the latest one we found at the time of writing. We will update the links as and when we find a newer version that has support for more features. We will leave you with samples comparing the images from the stock camera and Google Camera so that you get a better idea of the differences in image processing. The biggest difference would be in terms of Night Sight and Portrait Mode images.

OnePlus Nord GCam Samples

Nord gcam 1

Nord gcam 2

Nord gcam 3

Nord gcam 4

Nord gcam 5

Nord gcam 6

Nord gcam 7

Nord gcam 8

Nord gcam 9

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  1. is the Gcam click and install? no need of flash or to be a root users ?

    does it affect the warranty ?

    Am looking for a good phone with normal usage, watch youtube videos. office emails, calls and some small games (subway surfer kind of). i would need good wifi and call connectivity and click some real time snaps videos (not proffectional)

    does this phone suit me ? or do you recommend any other? please suggest