Twitter is a popular social media website that allows people from all walks of life to share information, make announcements, seek help, and interact with other Twitter users through tweets.

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Although the overall experience on Twitter varies depending on what accounts and topics you follow, using Twitter bots is another way to get more out of the platform. A Twitter bot, for those unaware, is a programmed Twitter account that uses the Twitter API to perform actions autonomously as outlined by its creator.

We’ve curated a list of the best Twitter bots you can follow right now to help you get started with Twitter bots and gain more value from the platform.

1. Thread Reader App (@threadreaderapp)

If you use Twitter actively and follow accounts that post informative/insightful threads, Thread Reader App is an excellent Twitter bot to follow and save threads. It’s one of our favorite Twitter bots to save threads.

To use it, open the thread you want to save and mention @threadreaderapp followed by the unroll keyword. Thread Reader App will return a link to the thread with all the tweets presented in a blog format, which you can either bookmark or save as a PDF on your device.

2. Remind Me of this Tweet (@remindme_ofthis)

Sometimes, while scrolling through your Twitter timeline, you may come across tweets that you’d want to check back later, maybe after a few hours, tomorrow, or even after a year. Remind Me of this Tweet is a bot that does just that for you. Simply comment @remindme_ofthis below the tweet you want to be reminded of, followed by when you want the reminder.

For example, if you want to be reminded of a tweet 4 hours later, you’d comment @remindme_ofthis in 4 hours. The bot will then set your reminder, giving you the exact date and time when it will send a reminder. In case it got the time wrong, you can correct it using the provided link.

3. Quoted Replies (@quotedreplies)

Quote tweets or replies are an effective way to share someone’s (or your own) tweets with your thoughts on top of them. While you can view quoted tweets to a tweet by going into its retweets, the Quoted Replies bot can do this for you quite conveniently.

Just open the tweet whose quoted tweets/replies you want to view and leave a comment mentioning @quotedreplies. Quoted Replies will revert back with a link. Open it to view all the quoted replies to that tweet.

4. DownloadThisVideo (@this_vid)

At times there may be instances when you’d want to save a video or GIF within a tweet to your device for later. When this happens, you can use the DownloadThisVideo bot to get a link to the video/GIF that you want to download.

For this, mention @this_vid under the tweet containing the video you want to download to get a link to your requested video. This link usually looks like this:

Clicking on this link takes you to a page where you can find all the video/GIF download links you’ve requested in the past 48 hours. You can choose to either watch these videos or download them to your device locally using these links.

Besides, if the bot doesn’t return a download link, you can visit your profile link for DownloadThisVideo and enable notifications to get notified when the download link is ready.

Alternatively, in case the DownloadThisVideo bot doesn’t work, you can try another video downloader bot, SaveVidBot (@savevidbot) to download videos from tweets.

5. DSCOVR:EPIC (@dscovr_epic)

If you’re fascinated by images of the Earth, you’re surely going to like the DSCOVR:EPIC bot. It’s a very basic Twitter bot that tweets out near-realtime images of the Earth taken by the EPIC camera on the DSCOVR satellite. On average, you can expect anywhere between 10 to 13 images of the Earth from SCOVR:EPIC every day.

6. Earthquake Robot (@earthquakebot)

If you—or someone you know—lives in an earthquake-prone area, Earthquake Robot deserves your attention. It’s a simple Twitter bot service that tweets about any earthquakes with a 5.0 or greater magnitude worldwide when they occur.

Plus, the bot also attaches a map link with precise coordinates to the location where the earthquake occurred, which you can open to view in Google Maps.

7. Colorize_Bot (@colorize_bot)

Colorize_Bot, as its name suggests, transforms black-and-white images into colorful versions using AI.

So if you’ve got an old black and white image that you wish had colors in it—or you came across a tweet with an image that’s black and white, Colorize_Bot can turn it into a colorful picture.

For this, all you need to do is mention the bot with its handle (@colorize_bot) below the image you want to colorize. Alternatively, you can tweet an image and mention the bot to transform it into a colorful version.

Then, when the bot returns the colorful image, you can save/download it to your device or bookmark it on Twitter itself.

8. Pikaso (@pikaso_me)

Pikaso is one of the most useful Twitter bots out there. If you’re someone who likes to take screenshots of tweets on Twitter to post them on other social media platforms, this is an excellent tool that can help you capture some really gorgeous screenshots.

Anytime you want to take a snapshot of a tweet, mention Pikaso using @pikaso_me with the text screenshot this. Pikaso will share a link for the screenshot, which you can then click on to save to your device. Moreover, you can also customize the screenshot of the tweet to match your style.

Besides these basic features, Pikaso also offers a couple of paid plans, through which you can gain access to API access, automation features, and a few additional features.

9. Emoji Mashup Bot+ (@emojimashupbot)

If you ever struggle to find the perfect emoji to use in a given situation, you might want to try out the Emoji Mashup Bot. As its name implies, this bot mashes random emojis to create a new emoji out of them. These emojis are perfect for moods that don’t align naturally with the standard emojis.

Emoji Mashup Bot also has a younger sibling, Emoji Mashup Plus (@emojimashupplus), which creates new emojis out of three random emoji parts.

10. Free Game Findings (@freegamefinding)

If you play a lot of games and enjoy trying out new titles, the Free Game Findings bot can help you get free deals on PC/PS/Xbox games. It’s made for the FreeGameFindings subreddit on Reddit. And much like its subreddit, the bot also shares free game deals quite regularly.

If you’re already a member of this subreddit, you should definitely follow Free Game Findings to stay informed about such deals on Twitter as well.

Do More on Twitter with these Best Twitter Bots

Listed above are some of the best Twitter bots you can use to perform a range of useful operations on Twitter besides following tweets. While a few of these bots serve you helpful information, others come in handy to help you with tasks that would otherwise require you to undergo several steps or use additional apps in some instances.

At any point, if you have trouble using a bot, look at the instructions in the bio on its Twitter profile.

FAQs About Twitter Bots

No, Twitter bots aren't real users; they are automated services programmed using the Twitter API to perform operations directed by their creators.

It totally depends on the type of bot. If a Twitter bot is created to assist you with certain tasks, saving a thread or downloading a video, for instance, it will reply to your tweet with the requested information.

Yes and no. If a bot continues to spam you with irrelevant/spammy messages or tweets, you must definitely block it. On the other hand, if all that a bot does is respond to your query with the requested information or present you with relevant information—as promised when you followed it—you wouldn't need to block it.

In the past, Twitter has removed a ton of bots for violating its policies. Most of these Twitter bots didn't abide by Twitter's API guidelines and spammed Twitter users with unsolicited tweets and messages. However, as of now, it seems that certain Twitter bots—like the ones mentioned on this list—aren't on Twitter's radar for removal.

In fact, in September 2021, Twitter introduced a label that allows the 'good bots' to identify themselves. A robot icon identifies automated accounts so they won't be taken for human-helmed ones. It's currently being tested by over 500 developers and clearly indicates Twitter's intention to encourage the usage of good Twitter bots.

A Twitter bot or automation tool can help you to automate your social media marketing. It creates and manages tweets that can respond to people, follow people, retweet tweets, etc. These tools are perfect for businesses who want to engage with their customers on social media but don't have the time or resources to do it themselves.

The Twitter follow bot is a piece of automated software that can be used to automatically and repetitively perform actions on the social media platform. By automating such an action, it saves time for business owners who would otherwise have to manually do them themselves. Some examples of these Twitter bots are those that allow users to mass-follow or unfollow people at any given period in their URL address bar with one click.

There are many different ways to create these programs and they can be beneficial for any business. For example, bots could be created to follow the company's most influential followers and retweet their content.

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