We often see tech giants Apple, Google, and Microsoft competing with each other with their software capabilities. But today, as rare as things can get, Apple, Google, and Microsoft have teamed up to adhere to FIDO standards and help users log in to various services faster and without a password. In addition, the three players have committed to integrating FIDO’s standards to offer secure logins across multiple platforms as early as the end of this year.

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What are FIDO standards, and Why Do They Matter?

FIDO stands for Fast Identity Online, which aims to improve the existing password-only login system and provide a secure replacement for traditional 2FA methods such as SMS verification. FIDO uses cryptography to generate a public key and a private key during registration and uses this combination to help a user log in seamlessly and without cumbersome passwords.

In short, the benefit to the end-user is that they no longer have to enter their password when trying to log into a web service. FIDO also offers simple verification options such as biometric verification via a fingerprint scanner or facial recognition. In addition, users can easily verify their login using their phone’s lock screen PIN. In this way, the user’s identity is verified in a simplified way, and the user does not have to enter their actual password to log in.

Apple, Google, and Microsoft to offer Passwordless Logins Across All Platforms

Apple, Google, and Microsoft jointly announced today that they will accelerate the implementation of the FIDO alliance standards to enable users on all platforms to log in without a password. The key result is that two new pathways for secure logins will be opened for all users.

First, users will be able to log in with a single tap, and verification will occur in the background using a combination of public and private keys. This eliminates the need for a password and SMS verification for a successful login. Instead, the method uses the passkey generated at the time you agree to the FIDO-based passwordless login.

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Second, users will be able to use regular methods such as their phone’s lock screen password or biometric verifications such as fingerprint scanners or facial recognition for a login. This system will work across platforms, so if you try to log in on your desktop, you will be able to verify the login with any nearby device, such as your smartphone.

If this sounds familiar, then the reason must be Google’s sign-in methods. Google offers methods like choosing a number between three digits with a one-time notification on any nearby device to verify your login. Google Chrome’s password manager also allows users to log into their account from the phone’s lock screen to access their password. So, it looks like Google is ahead of Apple and Microsoft in this aspect when it comes to providing easy login access to its users.

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Passwordless Logins by the End of This Year

From today’s major announcement by these tech giants, the three have committed to fasten their measures and offer passwordless logins to all users on any platform by the end of this year. As a result, users will soon be able to log in to any service without remembering their passwords.

While this is a welcome move by all users, including us, as we keep forgetting our passwords, the only ones who might not like this functionality might be Password Management Services like Lastpass and others. Would you like to have the feature to be able to log in to your account without having to type your password? Let us know in the comments below!

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