We live in a world where everything is becoming more digital by the day, and many people have started using QR codes to store data and URLs. The codes from QR are essentially groups of black and white squares that allow users to access pages, URLs, photos, profiles and other types of information by simply scanning the codes with their smartphones. Most manufacturers, hospitality businesses, and others are switching to this type of information storage because it improves the accessibility and efficiency of information storage.

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A QR code can be scanned directly by pointing your camera at it, or it can be scanned indirectly by taking a photo of the code and scanning it in your gallery. The former is very easy to do on devices that support it, but the burning question is how to scan the QR code from an image on Android and iPhone. Some of us have visited restaurants where we were asked to scan a QR code to see the menu, but had difficulty doing so. To help you, this article will cover different methods for scanning QR codes from images on Android and iPhone.

4 Ways to Scan QR Code from Image on Android and iPhone

If you need to scan the QR code from an image on your Android or iPhone, here are the four different methods you can use:

Method 1: Scan QR codes from images through Gallery

On both iPhone and Android devices, you can scan the code QR directly from an image in your gallery. This method is simple, but most users don’t know it.

iPhone Gallery

  • On the iPhone, open the Photos app, navigate to the image with the QR code you want to scan, and open it.
  • Click the share icon in the menu in the lower left corner of the image page.
  • Then swipe up on the resulting page, navigate to the Search with Google Lens option, and click it.qr code reader from image
  • In the pop-up that appears, click the View Results option and wait for the QR code to scan.
  • After that, you can click on the link displayed by the scan.

Android Gallery

You can find the Google Lens option under the menu options at the bottom of the image page in several Android Gallery apps, including Google Photos and AI Gallery. So, all you need to do is click on the option to include the link in the QR code. However, if you do not have this option in your gallery app, just follow these steps:

  • Open your Gallery app and click on the QR code image.
  • Click the share icon and select the “Google Search image” option.scan qr code from image via gallery
  • This will automatically read the QR code with Google lens and display the generated link.
  • Just tap on the link to go to the information embedded in the QR code.

Method 2: Use Google Lens to Scan QR Code on Screen

Google Lens is actually used for searching image content on Google. Since it was developed for reading images, it has become a common option for scanning QR codes on our devices. This application is integrated with your camera and gallery to make scanning QR codes easier. However, you can also use the Google Lens app itself to scan a QR code on your Android device. Here is how:

  • Download Google Lens from the Play Store.
  • Open the app and click on the QR code image you want to scan.scan qr code from picture
  • You will immediately receive a link result that you can click to access the information stored with the QR code.
The Google Lens app is not available for iPhone at the time of writing this guide.

Method 3: Use Google App on iPhone and Android

Another method you can use to scan QR codes from photos on iPhone and Android is the Google app. Google Lens is not available for iPhone, but the Google app is, and you can use it instead. Here is how:

  • Download the Google app on Android and iPhone.
  • Open the application and click on the Image Search icon in front of the Google Search Bar.scan qr code via google app
  • You will be redirected to Google Lens, where you can select the image you want to scan and tap on the link to view the details of the code QR.

Method 4: Third-party apps to scan QR code on screen

Several third-party QR code readers from images are designed for you to scan QR codes on your smartphones. Among the most popular of these applications are:

1. QR & Barcode Scanner (Android and iPhone)
2. Qrafter (iPhone)
3. QR code reader (Android)

Let’s discuss how you can use QR & Barcode Scanner to scan QR code images on your phone:

  • Launch the app and click on the Scan Image option at the top of the app page.
  • Navigate to your phone storage to select the QR code image.
  • After that, you’ll get the link associated with the QR code.

Create QR codes on your phone

Creating a QR code to embed a link, text, image, or document is actually very simple. It’s also an efficient way to share things on the Internet. So if you need to create a QR code for something, learn how to do it here:

1. Go to QR-code-generator.com
2. Select the information you want to link the QR code to. Suppose you are linking the QR code with a URL; then you need to click on the URL option.
3. Then enter the URL that you want to link.
4. Customize your QR code as per your requirement and download it.

Scanning QR Code from Images on Phones is Pretty Easy

You can scan a QR code without taking a photo by simply pointing your camera at it; this will read the code and give you the information associated with it. Using Google Lens or another third-party QR code reader, you can also photograph the QR code without taking a picture of it. However, this article has presented several methods for scanning QR codes from images on Android and iPhone. Use the method that best suits your preferences or works best with your phone.

FAQs about Scanning QR Code from a Photo on iPhone and Android

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Yes, you can scan a QR code from a screenshot with the help of Google lens or applications like QR & Barcode Scanner. Here are the 4 methods:

  1. Via Gallery/Photos app
  2. Using Google Lens
  3. Using Google App
  4. Using third-party QR code scanners

Just like on Android, iPhone can use Google Lens (via the Google app) to scan QR codes directly from a photo. Or you can use third-party QR code scanner apps to scan QR code from a photo on iPhones.

Google Lens has provided a built-in QR scanner for Android users with version 9 and higher. With the help of this feature, scanning QR codes on your device is simple and doesn't require any third-party application.

If the Android built-in QR code reader isn't working on your Android, you are most probably using an outdated Android version, or you are not focusing your camera on the QR code well enough. You can instead download a third-party reader from the Play Store and make sure your camera is well focused on the code.

There are multiple ways to scan QR code with the same phone, but the easiest option is to use the Google app or Google Lens app. Open the Google app (or Google Lens app), click on the camera icon on the search bar and open the image containing the QR code. It will automatically scan and show the linked URL.

iOS 12 onwards, you can simply point your camera at the QR code to scan it and get the linked URL. In case the QR code is saved as an image on your iPhone, go to the Photos app, and open the image containing the QR code. Click on the Share icon and navigate to the "Open with Google Lens" option. This will scan the QR code on your iPhone.

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