Discord is a voice, video, and chat platform that lets you communicate with friends/other Discord users with similar interests. It started as a chat app for gamers but later shifted its focus to become an all-purpose chat platform for communities and friends.

discord servers to join
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At the heart of Discord are servers, which are essentially communities organized into discrete collections of channels for people to hang out and discuss topics they find interesting.

Discord has millions of servers staggered across a wide range of topics, ranging from movies, anime, and games to science, technology, and history. However, finding these can be a task.

To simplify this, here’s a guide describing the top four sources to find Discord servers to join.

Method 1: Find Discord Servers to Join Using the Discord Website

find discord servers to join on discord

Discord’s server directory (aka guild directory) is home to a range of servers. Here, you’ll find Discord servers related to gaming, music, education, and science & tech, among other categories.

Follow the steps below to find a server in the Discord server directory:

  1. Visit Discord in a web browser.
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. Click on the Explore Public Servers button with the compass icon to view the server discovery.
    find discord servers to join on discord
  4. On the Explore Home page, you’ll find Discord servers across different categories.
    find discord servers to join on discord
  5. To filter servers by categories, click on a category in the left-hand menu. Alternatively, you can tap on the search bar in Home or any other category to find a Discord server by name.
    find discord servers to join on discord
  6. Once you’ve found the Discord server to join, tap on it to expand its details. Here, you can learn more about the server.
  7. Finally, click on the Join X, where X is the name of the Discord server on the top of the screen to join it.
    find discord servers to join on discord

If you’re on mobile—Android or iOS—Discord doesn’t let you find and join Discord servers via the Discord app.

Method 2: Find Discord Servers to Join Using Third-Party Discord Server Directories

Although you can find servers to join using the built-in server search on the Discord website, it doesn’t always yield the best results. So what you can do instead is use online Discord server directories to find new and interesting Discord servers to your preference.

Below are some of the popular server directories and the instructions on how to use them:

1. Find Discord Servers Using Disboard

find discord servers to join on disboard

Disboard is a public Discord servers repository where you can search Discord servers by your interests. It has servers across various categories such as gaming, music, movies, etc. Moreover, you can also look up a server by entering it in the search bar.

The homepage shows Discord servers that have recently been bumped, followed by a review section that shows reviews for various servers on the website. Click on the SERVERS tab at the top to view Disboard’s server listings. Here, you can tap on the listed categories to view a list of Discord servers within those categories.

find discord servers to join on disboard

Alternatively, you can tap on SEARCH to look up a Discord server by its name.

find discord servers to join on disboard

Once you find the server you want to join, click on the JOIN THIS SERVER button. It will then redirect you to the sign-in page to log in to your Discord account. If you’re already signed in, you will be redirected to a page that requires you to accept the invitation.

find discord servers to join on disboard

Click on the Accept invite button here to join the server. Once you’ve joined the server, it will appear in your Discord account.

Disboard also provides reviews for its curated servers. That way, you get an idea about what other Discord users think about that server. To check reviews, tap on the REVIEWS button on the top. This will take you to the reviews page, where you can read reviews for various Discord servers before joining them.

2. Find Discord Servers Using DiscordServers

find discord servers to join on discordservers

DiscordServers is another public server listing that shares Discord servers across varied interests and categories. Some of the popular Discord servers you can find here are Overwatch, Eagle Investors, Linux, Pc Gaming n Chill, and The Dungeon, to name a few.

When you visit DiscordServers, you’re greeted to the home page with a few hand-picked Discord server listings from the community. You can choose to check them out (or join). Alternatively, you can click on the BROWSE button to view the entire list of Discord servers on the website. Here, you also have the option to view servers under specific categories by selecting a category from the left-hand pane.

find discord servers to join on discordservers

Similarly, you can tap on the search box at the top of the screen and search a server by its name.

When you decide to join a Discord server, click on the server to expand its details and tap the Join button.

find discord servers to join on discordservers

Your Discord homepage will show the server you just joined.

3. Find Discord Servers Using Discord Me

find discord servers to join on discordme

Discord Me is one of the largest online directories to find Discord servers. It lists servers across a gamut of topics and categories like anime, education, finance, investing, gaming, crypto, technology, support, etc.

The site is easy to navigate, and you can find a Discord server within your interest quite easily. Moreover, it also suggests you recently bumped and top Discord servers to help you keep up with the current trend.

Similar to other sites, Discord Me also shows a catalog of different Discord servers on its home page. You can also tap on a category/interest to view its server listings or click on the search tab to look up a particular Discord server by its name.

find discord servers to join on discordme

Once you find an interesting server, click on it to expand its details. Then, to join it, tap on the Join Server button and accept the invitation to become a member.

find discord servers to join on discordme

The server will now appear in your Discord account, where you can access it to get the latest updates and interact with other server members.

Besides, Discord Me also has a huge collection of Discord bots across different categories. Bots are essentially automated programs that perform various operations on your behalf in a server. You can use them to automate tasks, schedule tasks, run polls, take quizzes, and do a bunch of other things.

Get the Most Out of Discord With the Best Discord Servers

If there are any interests/hobbies of yours that you’d like to learn more about or talk to with your friends/other people online, Discord is probably the best place to be.

As such, knowing how to find the best Discord servers to join can help you in various ways. Following this guide should give you enough resources to find relevant servers for your interests/hobbies on Discord to make the most out of the platform.

Besides, if you’re active on various social media websites/communities/forums, you can also find Discord servers related to your interests there. In some instances, you may even get access to private Discord servers, which aren’t listed on public server directories.

In case you’re still unable to find a Discord server for your interest, you can create a dedicated Discord server for it yourself and have your friends/peers join it. If you want, you can then list your server on one of the online Discord server directories to allow more people to join your space.

FAQs About Discord Server Search

Unfortunately, the Discord mobile app doesn't have an explore section (or server search option) to find Discord servers. And so, you have to use Discord web to find and join Discord servers. However, once you join new servers on the desktop, you should be able to access them on the mobile app without any issues.

Besides the sources mentioned above, you can also discover Discord servers on other online server directories such as Top.gg, Discord Street, Top-Bots.xyz, and Find a Discord.


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