You might not wander through your browser’s settings page after you set it up, but you’re sure to try out extensions from time to time. Extensions make up half of your browsing experience, so a healthy selection of utilitarian extensions is quintessential. They’re easy to install and pretty much plug-and-play.

best safari extensions for mac

Extensions are software-based plugins that add new features to your browser to enhance and improve the browsing experience. Safari uses the App Store to install extensions, unlike Chrome and most other websites that support extensions from the Chrome Web Store. Nevertheless, Safari extensions are on par with Google extensions. Read on to learn more about the best Safari extensions.

  • Extensions complete the experience of using a browser; therefore, a good selection of extensions is essential.
  • Safari relies on its own selection of extensions available through the App Store.
  • Grammarly, Bitwarde, AdBlock, Darker, Honey, and Save to Pocket are the must-haves.
  • In this article, you’ll find 15 extensions that will definitely improve your Safari usage.
If you are new to Safari, here is a complete guide on how to use and manage Safari extensions on Mac. If you also have an iPhone or an iPad, you might be interested in checking out these top Safari extensions for iPhone/iPad.

15 Best Safari Extensions

Bitwarden Password Manager

If you regularly forget passwords, use a password manager. Password managers do away with the hassle of remembering passwords and also offer an auto-fill feature. Bitwarden tops our list of the best password managers because it’s open-source and supports multiple platforms. Bitwarden has generously provided all the necessary features for free.

bitwarden password manager

Apart from the app versions, Bitwarden can also be used via a Chrome extension that facilitates the auto-filling of credentials on websites and login pages. It syncs with all connected devices and can be unlocked with a fingerprint via the desktop app. The extension includes all the features of the standalone versions of Bitwarden, making it fully functional.

Download Bitwarden


Grammarly is a world-famous extension that needs no introduction. Whether a casual mail to your close friend or a formal job application, Grammarly is the go-to grammar-checking tool. Thanks to its browser extension, Grammarly enjoys running a one-horse race thanks to its immense popularity and trust.


The Grammarly extension runs in the foreground on supported websites and checks grammar in real-time. As soon as it detects an error, the prompt icon turns red and offers an appropriate text replacement or correction. There are only a few major settings you can play with, but you can take advantage of Grammarly Go – Grammarly’s AI-based writing assistance.

Download Grammarly

AdBlock For Safari

A listicle of browser extensions is undone without an ad-blocker, and AdBlock for Safari is among the best in the town. Ad blockers do as they say – block ads. Additionally, ad-blockers prevent irritating pop-ups, trackers, and redirecting links. An ad-blocking extension is the first thing you should install after setting up a browser.

adblock for safari

AdBlock for Safari is open-source and supremely reliable. Despite all, AdBlock for Safari is efficient on the memory and CPU, making this award-winning extension a crowd-favorite. It is quick to block adverts and harmful redirects, which speaks volumes of its responsiveness and speed.

Download AdBlock for Safari

Dark Reader for Safari

To end the debate, dark mode is much more comforting to the eyes than light mode. Alongside looking visually pleasing, the former is universally accepted as the superior color scheme. Unfortunately, most websites, if not all, run on light mode by default. Not only that, search results and many other web pages don’t have a dark mode to begin with.

dark reader for safari

This is where Dark Reader for Safari saves the day. As the name suggests, Dark Reader enables dark mode by inverting colors for every UI element, including websites, search results, and whatnot. You get to tweak the tint, color temperature, and a few other attributes to make it comfortable for your eyes.

Download Dark Reader for Safari

Keepa: Amazon Price Tracker

Amazon would never allow viewing the previous prices of products, but thanks to Keepa, keeping track of past prices is feasible. Checking past rates and waiting for the right opportunity to buy the product at the lowest possible price is your best bet to save money on Amazon purchases. Keepa works on all products by default, so you need not enable it every time.

keepa price tracker

Keepa tracks not only regular prices but also lightning deals, outdated prices, and other sellers’ prices to help you get the best possible price. You can also set price drop alerts to be notified when a product is lowered in price. Regular deal notifications, multilingual support, and internal price tracking make Keepa a must-have for anyone who loves to shop.

Download Keepa

PayPal Honey For Safari

Who doesn’t love coupons? However, finding good ones for online shopping sites is equally as tedious. Honey is a popular extension well-known for its coupon-finding attribute. Websites run coupons every so often, but they hardly reveal them publicly.

paypal honey for safari

This is where Honey comes into play by searching for coupons online and applying them in real-time. The best part is that there’s hardly any user input – all you need to do is click on the pop-up and let Honey do the job. Honey boasts insane customer testimonials and has an Amazon price tracker to help you save even more money while shopping.

Download Honey

DuckDuckGo Privacy For Safari

If you fear being tracked by websites, DuckDuckGo Privacy for Safari could be your savior. Don’t scratch your head; websites store your digital activity as cookies the second you open them. Sites record your footprints to aid future visits by reducing load times, preparing appropriate results, and pre-filling login credentials to save time.

duckduckgo privacy essentials for safari
Credits: Bleeping Computer

Aside from the convenience of not having to log in repeatedly, websites are known to use third-party cookies that transmit your browsing behavior to other sources to prepare personalized search results and targeted adverts. DuckDuckGo shines through by blocking all third-party cookie requests even before the website loads, thus preventing your browsing activity from being tracked.

Download DuckDuckGo Privacy

Todoist: To-Do List & Tasks

If you like staying organized and scheduling your tasks, Todoist can be your perfect companion. This is, indeed, the web extension version of the top-rated scheduling app – Todoist. Having your schedule in front of your eyes makes a huge difference, and what better than an extension that does that for you?

todoist for safari

Todoist allows creating new tasks, adding websites as tasks, and everything else you would expect from a to-do list extension. Besides integrating with popular platforms like Slack, Gmail, Alexa, Google Calendar, and more, it is well-integrated with macOS, so you can ask Siri to create tasks for you and quickly add tasks using command+shift+A.

Download ToDoist

Improved Tube

While YouTube’s UI looks pleasant, it indeed demands more customizations and granular control. If our thoughts align, Improved Tube is precisely what we need. Simply put, Improved Tube allows granular customization to YouTube on a whole new level. Your YouTube interface will never look bland again.

improved tube for safari

To showcase a few attributes, Improved Tube can change the default color scheme, auto-set custom video resolution and playback speed, open an entirely new world of video settings, declutter the original YouTube interface, block ads using the in-built ad-blocker, alter the behavior of video playback, and a ton more.

Download Improved Tube

Save to Pocket

The internet is beautiful, so saving websites and links for future visits and reference is not uncommon. Essentially a pocket diary, Save to Pocket solves the nuisance of creating a bookmark and storing it in already-clogged bookmark bars every time you have to save something meaningful for the future.

save to pocket for safari

Saving to Pocket is a one-step procedure, which can’t get any simpler than that. The saved items can be viewed on the go, so the availability of an internet connection won’t be an issue. The best part? Save to Pocket can store anything from the web and provides a clutter-free viewing experience for saved content.

Download Save to Pocket


Safari’s dull and dark homepage never feels inspiring to start working. To top it off, website recommendations and privacy reports are not something everyone would like to see the second they open Safari. This is where Momentum comes into play by replacing Safari’s default homepage with something fresh and pleasing.

momentum extension for safari

Momentum takes over Safari’s default homepage and shows scenic landscape photography stills from all around the world. Every fresh homepage includes a thoughtful clock and an inspiring quote at the bottom to act as a cherry on top. Momentum allows you to add a task to focus on so you don’t wander away from what’s more important.

Download Momentum


Picture-in-picture, or PiP as people call it, is a handy little feature that shrinks down videos into smaller windows that can be dragged anywhere on the screen. What’s best about PiP is that it allows video playback even if you switch tabs. PiP is particularly useful in work scenarios that require video reference. Watching soccer while working also counts.

pipfier for safari

PiPfier couldn’t have made it simpler, as all you need to do to enter PiP mode is to click on the extension button while playing any video. The video enters PiP without any further input. The mini video player can be resized as per liking, and it also includes a play/pause button, so you need not open the original video for simple playback controls.

Download PiPfier

Awesome Screenshot and Recorder

Screenshots and screen recordings are undoubtedly the best forms of visual demonstration, so having a dedicated extension for the same is a no-brainer. While browsers like Microsoft Edge and Brave include an in-built screen-snipping tool, Safari has to rely on extensions like Awesome Screenshot and Recorder.

awesome screenshot and recorder for safari

While the function is self-explanatory, you would be surprised to know the amount of features it packs. Apart from the usuals, this extension can act as a photo annotation tool, quick video editor, cloud storage solution, and much more. With various recording resolutions and screenshot formats, Awesome Screenshot and Recorder is a must-have for every Safari user.

Download Awesome Screenshot and Recorder


Have you ever wished to slide a highlighter across your scene to mark something essential? Well, Liner has you covered with its unique ability to highlight anything present in webpages. As an excellent tool for referencing, Liner allows stamping YouTube video timelines, collecting images from the web, and saving answers from ChatGPT.

liner for safari

If you are wondering, the annotations aren’t trashed after you exit the website; they stay until you remove them. You can save and organize your highlights, stamps, and web links for future reference. Liner has integrated ChatGPT within the extension to answer your questions by providing necessary source links. Liner is one extension that shouldn’t be skipped.

Download Linear


After all these extensions, it’s time for a digital detox. Sometimes, it’s essential to bid farewell to your favorites for a while and pivot your attention towards your work. Quiet can help you achieve this by blocking distracting websites while you focus on your work. Quiet is a system-wide blocker and not just a website blocker, thus ensuring zero distractions.


Quiet provides categories of websites to block, such as adult websites, crypto sites, social media sites, and many more, so you don’t have to add every website manually. If you don’t want to block entire sites, Quiet allows you to block certain portions of websites, such as pop-ups, chatbots, notifications, and share buttons.

Download Quiet!

Enhance Your Browsing Experience With These Safari Extensions

Browsers are incomplete without extensions, and the same goes for Safari. The above extensions are valuable and quirky at the same time – exactly how extensions should be. Indeed, there are thousands of extensions apart from these, but those mentioned above are the most popular ones and something you would like to use daily.

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