Free International calls sounds unbelievable? Too good to be true? You think its a scam? You don’t trust me, do you? or you think there is a catch? Well, there is one. But hey!! that’s not a catch, its a limitation. And the limitation is the call can last for a maximum of 5 mins.

Come on! That’s not a big deal. You can make as many calls as you like in a day! That’s not such a big limitation for a freebie right? when you can make free international calls anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter where you live, you can now make totally free international calls anywhere you like.

USA’s largest and first free directory assistance service, 1-800-FREE411 has launched yet another awesome service which could be a boon to people who want to make free international calls from USA.

Don’t give up if you are not in USA, I will explain how you can use this service to make calls irrespective of where you live!

So let’s get started, shall we?

How to use 1-800-FREE411 to make Free International calls from USA?


1) You need to call a toll-free number, so if you call from Landline its a free call for you. Mobile calls am afraid could be charged (local charges).

2) You can talk upto five minutes per call. You can make multiple calls.

3) Call 18003733411 from your US Landline/Mobile. The operator will greet you with a welcome message and ask you to select one of the FREE411 service. The Last option is Free Call. You don’t have to press any number or key to select but instead say FREE CALL loudly in your phone. This voice message will be read by their server and you will go to next step to actually make a free international call. Now they will run a short ad about 5 secs. When the ad stops, you can start dialing your international number in countycode+citycode (if any)+phone number format. Please do not press # or *, its not required. The call will be automatically placed to the desired number. The operator prompts your call is getting connected. Once connected you can talk for upto 5 minutes and then your call is disconnected.

How to make free International Internet Phone calls from outside USA?

Awww… you poor soul. You don’t live in US? Don’t worry. i will still let you know how to make free International calls using 1-800-FREE411. Previously we have seen how to make free calls to US using services like Jaxtr, Skype, Google Talk etc. But the best way out is to use Yahoo Messenger to call US for free.

Yes, not many people know that Yahoo Messenger Voice can be used to make unlimited toll-free calls to any toll-free number in USA from anywhere in the world and you do not need a yahoo voice paid account.

So, just go to yahoo messenger and dial 18003733411. Your call will be connected and you would notice a prompt, which says there is no charge for this call. Now follow the 3rd step as mentioned above for US based users.

Update: You can also use Skype!

Please note that this service is totally advertisement based so please do not abuse/violate the system. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and enjoy making Free International calls from anywhere in the world!!

Update 2: As some of the readers noted, this service seems to have been closed for now. Till we come out with another trick, you can check out which allows free international calls with a limit of 15 seconds to 5 minutes (depending upon the country) and again supported by ads.

Update 3: Make Free Calls to over 50 Countries


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    I have seen many such services in the past. All such services will die very fast, they cant survive for long. One more thing is when voipguides make a post of any service, it sends thousands of users to the service and they cannot handle that unexpected peak traffic. Anyway, lets use it until it works ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Deepak Jain

    Hey Raju,

    This seems to be a nice thing.

    But as I found, there’s no option in Yahoo messenger to make calls!
    Can you please throw more light on it?

    • Raju

      @Deepak Jain,
      In yahoo messenger, right above your friend list, there is a box to add a new friend or number, just copy paste the number and enter. it would start dialing out.

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    Using IPvaani Free Video Phone service, you can make free video phone calls to USA from any other country. Here is URL for free phone calls

    Without using computer, you can make free phone calls using Internet. If you would like use computer at both ends then I would suggest skype. Both are very good quality services.

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    These things never work for Jamaica…. NEVER!!!

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      Yes it does. It just does not work for Jamaican cell numbers. I just called my dad in Jamaica

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    Whenever i call i say free call then justs ask me what state/city.

    I want to dial the number, how can i circumvent around this and just dial the number?


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    This only works for the USA now, they removed the international function of this program.

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    try skype u can dial 1800 3733411 for free if ur outside usa do not forget to use +1800free411 it will work , i use skype to call many companies with 1800 number and it works like a charm

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    I used to call Philippines using this service, but now its already unsupported country… Can you tell me what happend plz???

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    Its Awesome… But After Two Time.. She’s Saying Everytime That “Unfortunately, Our Service Is Buzy Try Again..” [:(]
    Now What To Do..??? [:O]

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    Respected sir i have big problem to solve by request that i can’t make call from pakistan to uae by 18003733411 if u not sure try. Once it done i will very thank full to you
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    hey is that service still working cuz that number is taking a long time to get checked its still checking the number . i live in india . pls help if u have any info about mobile to mobile free international’s call’s . thaxs in advance .

    • Raju

      Yes its working still… you can try using Skype instead of Yahoo messenger

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    I LOVE it!!! It works!! I call the Philippines which costs me .19ยข a minute! I tried it and it works and it works great.. Her phone showed 4min59sec. This is the coolest thing ever!! THANKYOU a million times!! You gotta try this if you make international calls!

  • Mark

    Ok.. OK, this is my second reply, up there just a couple spots, starts with I LOVE IT! Well, I did love it.. lol. What seems to happen is it will let you make a couple calls, then after I would have to call about 10 times before I could get thru again, it would make you still listen to the ads (I have them memorized! lol) No, big deal I thought, it would finally go thru! BUT.. now I can call 15 or 20 times and a couple of the times that it does go thru to her I cant hear her and then it disconects and says the caller is unavailable.. So it seems that they keep track of the numbers some how. To test it I used my roommates phone and it went straight thru twice and then I start getting the messages again. Anyway I think I’ve gotten about 6 or 7 calls thru out of about 50, so it saved me a couple bucks! But, you will get aggrivated after a while! Goodluck!!!



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  • Sarah

    Hi Raju! I surfed evaphone website. I want to make free phone calls to Pakistan. I am confused as at one point it says that only 12 minutes phone call is allowed once to Pakistan and at the other side it says that we can have two 5 minutes phone calls per day . Please tell me what duration of call is allowed and how often to Pakistan?

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    all i want to ask is that all theres sites are like pay phones u have to invariably but a refill or the sites provide measly amount of time like 2 minutes which is next to nothin cos on the net the line does break quite often dosent any site provided unhindered talking without any charge if there is any please let me know

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    Hi Raju,

    1800FREE411 was a very good service and I was very happy to call my old mother in India and talk with her for 5 min. but now it seems that this service is no longer since 2/3 months. I hope it starts again or is there anyother service like that where I can call. Pl. do let me know. I greatly appreciate if you do. or if this same service starts again.
    Also evaphone I tried but it was only for 12 seconds by the time you say HELLO it gets cut off. 5 mins. are great. Do you think yahoo messenger will work? I also tried from skype it did work for short time but afterwards it said this service is no longer because of people abuse it. Anyway pl. do inform when you start I will keep looking.

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    • Raju

      I am getting mixed reviews about the current status. But they does seem to be on a back-foot now, let us wait for a new/better service

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  • Diva


    I’ve been trying this idea to call internationally for long now – but the operator never gives the option of Free Call. All she says is – “Choose your category: Business; Government; Residential; Horoscope….” but NEVER Free Call. Tried hard several times in sub-options too but no luck! Phew!

    Please guide us again. Thank you!

    BTW – I live in India and want to call Lagos Nigeria.

    It would be highly appreciated if somebody could provide a step by step procedure to make international calls especially since the menu options have been definitely changed.

    Thanking you….

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    Iโ€™ve been trying this idea to call internationally for long now โ€“ but the operator never gives the option of Free Call. All she says is โ€“ โ€œChoose your category: Business; Government; Residential; Horoscopeโ€ฆ.โ€ but NEVER Free Call. Tried hard several times in sub-options too but no luck! Phew!

    Please guide us again. Thank you!

    BTW โ€“ I live in India .

    It would be highly appreciated if somebody could provide a step by step procedure to make international calls especially since the menu options have been definitely changed.

    Thanking youโ€ฆ.

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      Read the section on how to use it from outside US. But the problem is, it is very inconsistent now-a-days

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