Apple announced the latest upgrade to iPhone OS 3.1 – firmware version 3.1.2 early last week and if you are waiting to jailbreak iPhone OS 3.1.2, the sad news is that the iPhone Dev team is yet to release the Pwnage and redsn0w tools. But the good news is that, if you are waiting to jailbreak your iPhone, GeoHot has just released BlackRa1n, which will allow Windows users to jailbreak their iPhone with OS 3.1.2.


Jailbreak iPhone 3.1.2 OS with Blackrain

Warning: The current update of Blackra1n only supports iPhone OS 3.1.2, do NOT use this tool if you are using an earlier version of iPhone OS. We have unconfirmed reports that BlackRa1n supports iPhone OS 3.1 as well, but we are not sure.

Also, do not upgrade to 3.1.2 using iTunes if you want to keep your unlock. Baseband cannot be downgraded.


Download Blackra1n for iPhone/iPod Touch

You can download BlackRa1n to jailbreak iPhone and iPod Touch OS 3.1.2:
Download blackra1n

Once downloaded, make sure to update your iTunes to the latest version.

Update: Jailbreak iPhone 3g/3GS with iPhone OS 3.1.3 with Sn0wbreeze

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97 thoughts on “Jailbreak iPhone OS 3.1.2 with GeoHot’s Blackra1n

  1. I just downloaded blackrain, just waiting cydia and rock to download – hope it works, fingers crossed. Have to say, installing blackrain was super fast.

  2. Hi, im Wondering if blackra1n is for iphone with current OS 3.1.2? or 3.1? And how do i update it after downloading.

    • update thru itunes, if you are on a different provider other than att do not use black rain to jailbreak your phone.blackrain uses itunes software update and it will update your baseband making your phone unlockacble

  3. Ok, call me dumb.. But I cant clicky on the thingy to downlaod Blackra1n! O_O I only want to Jailbreak my phone so I can get a ringtone that Apple doesn’t give 😛 I am not greedy.. … Oh and, What other firmware/software do I need besides this? Because when I jailbroke my phone with Redsn0w previously, I needed two different files….

  4. Does Black rain work on touch ipod with 3.2 ? My ipod has not been jailbroken at all. Do I need to do this first, or just break it with Black rain? Thanks Leo

  5. 1. Start with a clean firmware. Update using Itune.
    2. Install BlackRain in your PC.
    3. Run Blackrain.
    4. On your IP run the app, twice. This will prepare the IP for Tethering.
    5. Download Att profile from the Internet and install
    6. Reboot and viola!!!!!!

  6. So i just downloaded blackrain and it works great, but having sum issues, when i download the “Mac Book Black Keyboard thru Cydia and then try to use it thru winterboard it will not switch, it stays the basic iphone keyboard…am i doing something wrong?? help!!

  7. i have jailbroken and unlocked my iphone by blackra1n it seems that i have the updated rom.(tethered jailbreak.), whenever battery dies i need to rerun the blackra1n again . does anyone have solution for this.

        • I presume the issue relates to not being tethered (don’t understand this) to a network. Which thought was the idea of unlocking. I want to be able to swap sims as I move to different countries. Pretty limited solution if you have to reload every thing each time the battery dies or you turn the phone off. Any ideas greatly appreciated

  8. well, i just made it rain LOL and im kind of scared cause it all happened so fast but ill be sure to let u all know if it worked, [*fingers, toes, arms, and legs all crossed*]

  9. So Ive managed to seemingly jailbreak my iPhone 2.G w/ 3.1.2 firmware but when I put my SIM card in (for T-Mobile) it doesnt recognize the network and I cannot place phone calls. Am I missing something?

    Im guessing one of the problems is that the phone has modem firmware 04.05.04_G. Is there a way I can change this so that I can use this phone?

    Or, am I screwed?

  10. Have same issue wiyh 04.05.04_G … did all … went fine… but when inserting SIM, it is constantly searching…

    Any sugestions??? PLEASE

    • I had the same problem…. iphone 2G 3.1.2. I fixed it by doing a Restore using itunes (after the blackra1n jailbreak) and then I did another jailbreak….it’s all good now. Phone works. I can turn on and off my phone. If the restore doesn’t work at first, download bootneuter with Rock, do a flash 4.6 and then itunes restore. Good luck.

  11. You all need to read things before updating…..

    Warning: The current update of Blackra1n only supports iPhone OS 3.1.2, do NOT use this tool if you are using an earlier version of iPhone OS. We have unconfirmed reports that BlackRa1n supports iPhone OS 3.1 as well, but we are not sure.

    Also, do not upgrade to 3.1.2 using iTunes if you want to keep your unlock. Baseband cannot be downgraded.

  12. anyone have any problems running the software on vista? whenever i try and make it rain it gets stuck in recovery mode.

    i have 3.1.2 with firmware of 05.11.07

  13. hi i ave try 5 time and always ave to whait about 5 mins for reboot and after it still not working. what can i do.
    p.s sorry for my anglish but i speak french so if anybody can give me answer in french thanks.

  14. Hi have unlocked and supposedly jailbroke my iphone 3g 3.1.2 os but keeps on displaying error code 1001 when a selected cydia for installation, what shall i do, pls. help

  15. Hi
    I have unlocked jailbroke my iPhone 3Gs 3.1.2,and it works everything withouth WIFI. . . have you a solution for this????becouse Im out of ideas. . . thanks

  16. How can I make a back-up of the firmware in case I accidentally upgrade on itunes?. Also it bugs me that always that the phone restart black rain was to be run again. Is there a hack version of itunes out there? I feel harassed by the constant update notifications.

  17. Down loaded black rain and it seemed to work. The wait for reboot never quit. As I go into cydia and download it says my phone is still in recovery mode. Why? No I keep haveing to restore and reinstall?

  18. Hi i downloaded the blackra1n now the ipod has just gone in the stage as it was when it newly came like it has nothing . wanted to ask if this had to happen or no??
    plz tell me cuz i am about to load ipod software update from itunes .

  19. hi
    how do i install cydia after installing black rain.
    how do i install the message forwarding softwares and other important softwares..

  20. HAHAHA, i totally just tried this with os 3.0 cause purplera1n wasnt rebooting iphone 3gs, so tried this and phone got locked or whatever, but it took me sometime to restore it, upgrade it, and just now about to try blackra1n on the new os =]
    let you guys know.
    and whats this about if your phone dies or gets shut off, jailbreak is gone?? is this true?/rumor?/bug??

  21. Anyone tried to reboot your iphone after jailbreak, does it go into recovery mode which require iTune to restore?

    Mine happens everytime I reboot. =(

  22. Please can someone explain why my 3G nor Edge is not working. Does this unlock allow the use of Tmobile data plan??
    Thanks in advance

  23. If you have a 3GS Apple unlocked and running on 3.1.2, please do not jail break wih black rain. It screwed up my phone and I had to restore.

  24. i downloaded blackrain it told me to wait for rebot then my touch shut off itunes said to restore before i can use it wat do i do?

  25. i downloaded the program and tried installing it to my ipod touch 3.1.2 firmware and now it wont work it stays on the itunes plugin screen…. help me please =(

  26. if you have the ipod touch 3g or i think iphone 3gs you just have to rerun blackra1n whenever you fully turn off your ipod. That is what I have to do with mine and you will still have all of your apps including cydia

  27. Dont worry Delia, you can restore it and then again run same program, sometimes it just takes two or three tries. @thatguy – as the apple has upgraded the baseband of new devices we all have to rerun black rain; this is called as tethered jailbreak.

  28. plzz dod respond to this…

    got my ifone unlokd recently…. and after a week…. to just erase few content … i just used the option RESET IPHONE…. waited for hours… but the ifone got stuck in that screen showing the apple logo.. and a small processing symbol… the fone itselfs restarts from tym to tym… and shows the same thing.. and not responsive any further…. now r these softwares u mentioned here ( itunes 3.1.2 and blackrain) helpful to get bak to normal condition of my fone?… if not.. plzz tell me how can i get bak my fone to normal

    plzz do reply…. Thnk U

  29. Hi, I have iphone 3g os 3.1.2, baseband 05.11.07 and I heard that if iphone is produced after 40 week in 2009 cannot be jaibreaked or unlocked. Is it true? If not, can I jailbreak and unlock my iphone with blackrain.

  30. I’m having difficulties with blackrain, I got to the recovery part but it’s just sitting there. Does it normally take like 10 minutes to recover?

  31. i need free update for ipod touch firmware 3.2.1 version(my current version was 2.2.1 coz restore to factory setting) can any 1 help me plZZZzzz!!!!leave link or anything ty in advance.

  32. I dowloaded blackrain and installed it…
    no use, i still cant install any of the sames i have , i rebooted the ipod around 3 times till now i think.
    And where do i get cool apps?

  33. hey there I’ve just downloaded the blackra1n jailbreak-kit and I’ve come to a problem. every time I hit make it rain Itunes comes with a note saying that I need to restore my Iphone. and when I did and tried to run blackra1n again Itunes says I need to take the recovery-mode off or something.

    someone please help, I’m losing my freakin mind.

  34. Hi I’m not really pro wif gadgets. So I’m trying to jailbreak my iPhone 3gs. Can anyone please help me wif it. I really need to learn step by step b4 I really make my decision on jailbreaking my iPhone, Like I say I’m not really Gud in IT and gadgets. Please anyone. Thank you!!

  35. i accidently updated the new version from itunes 3.1.3(7E18) with baseband 05.12.01 on my 3gs iphone and i try to restore it again from itunes because my iphone was lock and i cannot use anymore. but now i have again another problem is that when i turn on my iphone i saw the usb connected with itunes. i dont know how to fix it please i need your help.

  36. I used blackra1n RC3 to jailbreak my iPhone 2G. The jailbreak goes great but when I open the Blackra1n app to unlock the phone I keep getting an error message about checking my internet connect and it won’t let me install Cydia so I can get BootNeuter to unlock the phone.

  37. well to fix that thing with ur usb sign and ur itunes thing vesh u have to go to another computer, then restore it. or jus restore it on urs , but if it wont let u on urs then go to sum1 elses

  38. can i jailbreak a factory unlocked iphone with 3.1.3 software and 7E11 built version?can anyone tell me how to downgrade my phone without getting the error this version is not compatible with the built version of your phone?pls help

  39. Morning,
    This morning I hooked my Iphone up to my computer. When Itunes came up I happened to click the check for updates button and updated it. After doing that a message came up about the sim card not being supported. all that the phone does is black out sometimes and it has to be turned back on. It won’t let me Jailbreak it and it will only make emergency calls. PLease help I’m T-Mobile and I’m not sure what to do.
    Thank You in advance. Glen

    • did you ever sort out how to jail break it again?

      i bought an iphone which already had the update and had never bin jailbroke before, help me out pleez geeza

  40. I jailbroke my ipod and it worked fine but my brother was playing around with itunes clicking stuff and now i can restore to what i used to have before jailbreaking but know when i run blackra1n it doesnt work it wont jailbreak :'(

  41. when it says “Once downloaded, make sure to update your iTunes to the latest version.” should we update to 9.1 because i am on 9.0.3

  42. When i run blackra1n on my latest subjects, i’ve noticed when the iphone dies or is turned off manually the phone goes into recovery mode and im FORCED to run blackra1n once more…..does any1 no why? this just recently started happening.. is it the newer devices or am i missing something

  43. okay so ive downloaded blackra1n before and jailbroken my ipod but when i came to jailbreak my friends ipod, black rain doesnt work. it says this application has failed to start because ASL.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.
    and i have redownloaded the app many times.
    plz help or reply to many thanks

  44. my black rain keeps coming up with a problem all the time i try to make it rain please some one help me ?

  45. to charlie mine is doing the same thing it say its missings the asd or somthing iv tryed it on 3 computers but idk what to do?

  46. Hi I m ravi Gupta
    I have a 3gs series iPhone n it’s frm japan
    wll I want to know that is tat possible to to unlock d 3gs series I phone
    jus give me d reply
    if yes ten tell me he to du it n is tat possible to do it at home as I m havin a laptop of myself

  47. Hi, i am Andreas!
    Is it possible to install a jailbreak on my iphone 3gs 3.1.3 with new bootloader rom? If yes, please contact me.
    Best regards Andreas

  48. This is the best took bout 5-6 minutes.
    For those opf you who have jailbroken ur iphone and updated it from itunes will sometimes not be able to enter recovery mode to restore ur iphone. To fix this just start blackra1n and when ur iphone shows the restore thing unplug it and close blackra1n. then use itunes to restore and blackra1n to make it universally fuckable!

  49. hi ive tried to download the blackra1n but every time i open it or save it it says its missing the assdl or something like that or it has this little menu pop up and it says debug send error report or dont send ive tried blackra1n before and it went in recovery mode nut then it said to restore so i did and nothing happened so today i tried to restore and then do it and now i wont even open it just says its missing the assdll or whatever please help i just got the new 4.0 software

  50. Used blackra1n to jailbreak my 3.1.2 phone. Works good except can’t let phone batt die or turn off. Now phone is stuck in recovery + won’t restore. tried re-running blackra1n but it never finishes reboot. Can’t get the restore to work says the update is not valid? Can any1 help?

  51. hey i tried to download blackra1n and install it but it keeps saying im missing ASL.dll and wont open properly and when i click OK and push the “make it rain button” the program stops workin.

    can anybody help me with a simple answer

  52. Reply for T3Z4 and others facing the same issue.

    Apple has released a new version of iTunes, iTunes 9.1 which changes how certain things work. If you have upgraded to iTunes 9.1, several programs will start giving you an error that ASL.dll is missing.

    The solution for this is simple, you will need to place the Blackra1n executables in the Apple folder under Common Files in Program Files. The folder would be located in the following locations:

    32 Bit – C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Apple Application Support

    64 Bit – C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple\Apple Application Support

    Once you copy the blackra1n executable to the above folder, create a shortcut for it on the desktop and double-click it to run it as usual.

    Update: If you continue having problems with Blackra1n, you can use the new Spirit tool to jailbreak iPhone OS 3.1.3 and others.


    George Nath

  53. hi this is koreanna here. i would need ur help in jailbreaking my iphone as the i phone has blackra1n installed on the handset as it was done by one of the phone dealer but now my phone has been locked and i need to know how to unlock it by downloading the required software on my laptop…plz help

  54. i was given an iphone 3gs, the phone was reset. now i can only do emergency calls. how do i find out the firmware version of the phone to know which jailbreak program touse?

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