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by: - Last updated on: September 26th, 2020

If you have some interesting stuff right now on your twitter stream and also on Friendfeed and if you like to capture it somewhere, what will you do? May be use some screen capture plugins like Snag-it or Fireshot? Now you can capture and post it on a webpage in lesser time than using snag-it! Check out Scrapplet which lets you drag and drop literally anything from any website and place it in your Scrapplet homepage!

scrapplet logo

Scrapplet lets you to highlight portions of a website, dragit around and drop it on your Scrapplet page, modify the design of that page, resize the images, change the site colors, add borders and mashup everything! You can browse through the Scrapplets created by others on the site, rate their Scrapplets and even add them as your friends. Each and every page is portable and can be placed in individual social networking profiles like Myspace and Facebook.

scrapplet dashboard


» Drag & Drop Everything
» Create web pages, websites, and web applications
» Mashup Your World
» Enhance social networks, websites, wikis, and blogs!
» Consolidate
» Communicate
» Aggregate
» Share
» Put Web 2.0 to work for you

Each page also automatically generates search engine optimization functions, tracking, and privacy controls to keep unwanted visitors out. All these for the positives.

Now the cons – the service is not completely Free. If you want it to be free, you will be served with Ads on every page. For an ad-free experience you need to signup for a nominal fee of $2.95 per month. I suggest you to first try playing around the Scrapplets created by others and then register for a free page for yourself. Later you can decide if you want to go in for a paid membership. But its surely worth trying!

Link : Scrapplet


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  1. Hi Steve,
    I believe you are from Scrapplet. As I mentioned in the review, I can see a great potential with the features of this lovely app, but the final outcome quality somehow doesnt match the potential. Usability in case of advanced features is another issue.

  2. @raju, the 3 use cases Scrapplet is targeting are: (1) users seeking to extend and enhance their existing web presence and social networks, (2) users wishing to tie all of their web resource into a larger virtual web site, and (3) developers looking for an advance web application development and distribution platform. I appreciate your spending time with Scrapplet and I look for to rapid enhancements they may get you excited again. Regards, Steve.