Google is No More the Best Company to Work For !!

by: - Last updated on: December 17th, 2016

Fortune magazine has released a list of 100 Best companies to work for and surprise, surprise!! It is NOT Google!! It is NetApp which tops the list. Coming in second on Fortune’s 12th annual list was Edward Jones, followed by Boston Consulting Group.

NetApp provides storage and data management services to business and it employs around 5,000 people and topped the list due to its “employee enthusiasm for the legendary egalitarian culture,” Fortune said.

google workplace

Google, which topped the list for the past two years, dropped to No. 4

google workplace fun

Google marked tenth birthday in 2008. While the company still attracts 777,000 applicants a year, hiring has slowed, and it recently cut frills like afternoon tea and an annual ski trip. Hence we can see the direct hit in the rankings!

Other companies in Top 10 were Wegmans Food Markets, Cisco Systems, Genentech, Methodist Hospital System, Goldman Sachs and Nugget Market. If you are specifically interested to know about the best tech companies to work for, they are NetApp, Google, Cisco, Adobe, REI, Qualcomm and others.


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  1. Raju,
    Did you read Shoemoney’s post last week on ex-Google employee emails… It’s not that Google ever was the best company to work for, it is meant for people with a passion for technology and at the same time willing to work really long hours.

    1. @Ajith,
      I don’t think long working hours has direct impact on being the best employer to work with, it is the support and the pride of being part of the workforce which matters. During this recession time, that must have gone down a little

      @Blog for Bloggers
      Yeah, you have a valid point, they r still at 4, which is still awesome, but they are not 1 like before which makes it more intersting for outsiders like me and you ;)

  2. This is kinda interesting, I mean their still up at 4th which means their still awesome when you think about how many other companies their are out there. And those former employees are all hinged on the hiring process. Just semms like they are hold personal grudges