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by: - Last updated on: December 17th, 2016

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Any USB drive can suffer data loss due to several reasons like –

  • Bad sector infected USB storage media result in data loss.
  • Corrupted music files due to system failure.
  • Damaged images/photos because of power surges.
  • Recover data when pen drive is formatted accidentally.
  • Files/folders erasure even after using (Shift+Del) keys!
  • Virus generated data loss.
  • Software related problem.

DiskDigger USB Drive data recovery Software easily recovers all types of deleted data files including digital (image, pictures, photo, video clips) or music files (mp3, mp4, midi, wav etc). Beside the software retrieves documents like word document file, xls, DAT or .ppt file etc.

USB Drive Data Recovery Software supports all major branded USB drives like Transcend, Sony, Kingmax, Kingston, Jet flash, Super Media, Super Flash, Apacer, AVB etc. Even the files/folders with long names can be recovered easily.

DiskDigger can be used to recover data from any internal or external hard drives. But I suggest that it to be used to recover data from smaller drives since it includes all found files in the results (including non-deleted); hence not efficient for large internal drives.

Download DiskDigger – Free USB data Recovery software

This Flash drive recovery software works only on Windows and is completely FREE to use!

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  1. Sorry this is late but will it work if my usb is being detected but not like it usually is, instead being detected as a memory bar? (And when I try opening it, it says please insert disk)

  2. I suggest that you try asoftech recovery software which helped me before, search “asoftech usb recovery” for the step by step guide.