Many Tech blogs have started the trend of displaying the visitor stats and some times even the earnings stats at the end of the month. Technically Personal has made a tremendous progress over the last 3 months with over 200,000 unique visits to the blog and 500,000+ page views in the month of April.

Well, that was not the intention behind this post. If you remember, sometime back, I had discussed about the Browser War not showing any signs of cooling down and taken my website visitors stats as the case study. TechPP’s visitors come from across the globe and hence it should not be a bad idea to take it as a reference and imply further.


4 months down the line, it will be interesting to have a re-look on how things have changed (if at all!). I have tabulated the data from Google Analytics for 3 months – dec ’08, Feb ’09 & April ’09 (gap of 2 months).

Browser Stats

Browser Dec ’08 % Feb ’09 % Apr ’09 %
Firefox 59% 47.9% 43.66%
Internet Explorer 28% 38.88% 42.16%
Opera 4.5% 3.82% 2.37%
Chrome 4.2% 3.6% 4.37%
Safari 2.3% 5.26% 6.54%
Others 2% 0.54% 0.9%

Shocking!! Isn’t it? Firefox seems to be losing against IE. But I doubt this is because of more and more non-techies / non-geeks visiting my blog off late. It is a known fact that most of the geeky people prefer non-IE browsers (especially Firefox), but these stats show that my effort of reaching out to non-geeks has succeeded to an extent!

Also, I notice amongst the IE users, number of people using IE7 and IE8 has increased considerably. I no more support TechPP on IE6, but still I see 25% of them still use IE6 *SIGH*

Safari has been a major gainer as well, must be due to their latest (hyped) Safari 4 release.

Operating Systems Stats

I was not expecting great changes over here and I was right.

OS Dec ’08 % Feb ’09 % Apr ’09 %
Windows 91.95% 88.94% 88.17%
Macintosh 4.33% 9.05% 9.09%
Linux 2.76% 1.36% 1.19%
Others 0.96% 0.65% 1.55%

Except for the stats of Mac, others are pretty consistent. Probably the increase in Mac users explains the increase in Safari users as well. Let us try to break-up Windows OS stats to see if we can get something interesting to talk about.

Windows OS Dec ’08 % Feb ’09 % Apr ’09 %
XP 74.65% 66.80% 61.63%
Vista 23.24% 30.78% 35.68%
NT 0.98% 1.28% 1.47%
Others 1.13% 1.14% 1.22%

Interesting!! Windows XP usage is gradually decreasing. I believe this is majorly due to 2 reasons.
1) Announcement by Microsoft of ending sale and support of Windows XP.
2) More and more visitors from outside India. It is a known fact that usage of Windows Vista is minimal in India and probably that is the reason for low numbers during December (when I was getting higher % of Indian visitors)

I could not see any info on Windows 7 beta users in the GA stats, not sure if they are negligible number of users or if Google Analytics cannot detect Win 7 yet.

Also, there has been a considerable increase in number of visitors using iPhone. It gives me a reason to make mobile friendly.

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