Easy Comment is a simple firefox extension which helps you fill out a blog comment form by entering a prefilled name email and web homepage address on blogging platforms like WordPress, Movable Type and Dotclear among others. It is designed specifically for users who leave lots of comments on other blogs.

Using Easy Comment add-on for Firefox is really easy to use. Once you install the add-on, click on the Easy Comment text in the status bar and fill up the information to prefill your comments, the comment setup will only have to be done one time, the next time you want to prefill comments, simply click on Easy Comment and it will do the needful.

Easy Comment may not work on certain blogs, which change the default parameters for the comments forms. However pretty useful if you comment a lot and want to save yourself some time doing it.

Commenting on others’ blogs is really important, not just for SEO purposes, but to build a network and trust amongst fellow bloggers, especially those in the same niche as yours. As a blogger, encouraging the readers to comment on your articles is equally important as it commenting leads to discussion, and discussion brings in new ideas to blog about!

If you are convinced that commenting on blogs is important, then go ahead and install Easy Comment extension for Firefox. Make sure you check out this nice contest on TechZoomIn, where you stand to win hard cash every month just by leaving quality comments over this blog!

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